Thank you John Shishilla

I wanted to thank you for your time and efforts with the Wind Mit course. I know I banged hard at my pet peeve - and I hope I didn’t cause you and Michelle extra stress over a small issue.

You did tell me your feelings on the issue in our phone conversation and you followed up with it in you course material.

I will continue to read and value your insights on the message boards and hope that I will be able to attend the next session of the chapter.

Thanks again for your professionalism!

I would join you in thanking John.
It is nice to see someone who has vast knowledge and is willing to share it.
I know just talking to him has made me a better inspector, and person.
Thanks again to John and his wife, Michelle!

Thank you gentlemen. Many people have given suggestions and submitted information for clarity. I promise to use this for a manual.

Id definitely be interested in that manual John. Thank you also for sharing your knowledge and thank all that do the same on this message board!


I’m hopping on the band wagon!!
John, thanks for all the hard work into putting the new course together!

I Have said it 100 times. Those two work tirelessly at the profession and making it better.

If people only realized what they give up, for the profession. They have two awesome kids (who I have been blessed to meet) and they do not have the time to spend and do all the things they want to do with them because of their business and the chapter. They don’t go on vacations because of work and the chapter. They spend $1,000 of their OWN money to help YOU, the average inspector. They write classes, organize meetings, drive to Tallahasee, answer questions all day and night from inspectors (me included).

I hope that if they do not get paid here in this place I know their tireless efforts in helping others has them a little spot in heaven.

I am blessed to have them as peers as well as call them friends and honored (no pun intended) to have them in the profession I call home.