Thanks guys!......NOT

Recently, 2 Toronto NACHI HI’s that I work very closely with have burdened me with all their inspections. One is traveling to the Far East the other travelled to Europe and has recently returned but unfortunately is under the weather.I have my own inspections to perform but now I have to work 7 days to cover their inspections.
It has not been a good month guy’s…get back to work, I need some time off!:shock:

Take a trip! :slight_smile:

Payback is a B!tch! They will pay for what they are doing David!:smiley:

The nerve of some people… :shock::p:D

Just think you are going to share all that money the Canadian government too. I except to see see some improvement from the grant money you helping out with . lololol

Home Inspections haven’t really taken off yet in Southern Manitoba. Maybe I’ll come for a visit in Toronto and give you a hand for a couple of weeks. Too much work would be a great problem to have here. :smiley:

Curtis Hildebrand
Kingdom Home Inspections

You are welcome here anytime Curtis. Trust me when I tell you, if you are doing 2+ inspections per day you will burn out!

It’s like having a partner!

I know! Gota talk to these guys!