Thanks Guys

I hope you reconsider because your obvious hate for Nick has clouded your vision about the bigger picture which is all the members that belong and would seek advise from you and give advice as well. Nick is only a part of that big picture and I remember even he asking you back and I believe he said he would inherit your membership cost. You don’t have to drive around with an I-NACHI sign on your truck, its not required. So what exactly do you mean “Advertising for Nick”? I don’t think you are being realistic. Hell, you spend more time on this board than I do. No ones asking you to agree with everything that is said or done with in this organization. I am just saying if you could get past your apparent anger and come aboard you would be happier in the long run. Furthermore, so would I-NACHI.

Quote from your website.

Me On this site. The humor makes my day:D :smiley:

It’s clear nacho/ nick is using the clintons hand book.
Convert everybody you can by promising the world to get members, $s , then blame the others when they cannot deliver, promise more latter with the hope everybody forgot about the failed promises to get more $s again from the same people…:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Got me there! But the overall point is it is not about Nick. It is about everyone in the organization. By the way nothing out of the Clinton Handbook would be acceptable to me. As far as things, I have not seen it as of yet where the world has been promised to me. Some things have failed in the attempt to better us as a whole for which happens to every business. I have seen I-NACHI offer new things pretty much on a daily basis that they feel will help us and it is our choice to pick and choose as what we may think will benefit us. What makes you think that if you stand in someones yard and throw out slurs such as the quote above, that the people in the house will not come out and address it and in some cases bum-rush you. Then you go away with your tail between your legs thinking people are picking on you when you started the whole fiasco. Only to come back another day to do the same. I am just saying it would be much better to have a person of your knowledge with us then againest us. What gives?


Honestly I don’t consider myself against anybody.
Truth is I have never refused to assist any local inspector, or offer HI information to any local or out of state inspector that ask for it.

Just providing another opinion on the daily vial, bashing against other inspectors that refuse to accept this garage and false truths provided by your leader and appointed leaders.

Gotta go do two inspections today, one tormorrow, catch you after 6…:smiley: :smiley:

My mother was absolutely correct the empty wagon makes the most noise and Dan U R MT.

Mr. PuppyLove (aka dharris) has it wrong, again, as he usually does.

No one is required to advertise NACHI or InterNachi on their website.

The quote he provided pertains to NACHI members who belong to other associations and have their associations advertised on their website. On those occasions, these persons are required to post a NACHI logo of equal prominence to their existing logos.


Because we were having too many ASHI members joining NACHI to be listed on our multiple referral sites and to take advantage of other NACHI benefits…but were afraid to let their fellow ASHI members know of their affilliation with us. Nick’s decision was simple…give them the choice to either remove the ASHI, NAHI (etc) logos from their site and have NONE advertised…or add NACHI to it, with equal size and prominence.

Only certain…er…dog lovers have found this to be an issue.

But you guys are attempting the impossible…that is, to find logic behind dharris posts. There is none.

Read through the archives. He was a member of NACHI while he was working to obtain his 250 inspections to be able to advertise himself as a full member of ASHI. Once he reached that, he has found fault, continuously disparaged the association and was eventually expelled for his behavior.

But like the jilted lover who shouts “You are not dumping me. I am dumping you.”, dharris lurks and posts in order to…ahem…remind us of how unfortunate we are not to be him.

Like herpes…he often goes into remission…but never quite goes entirely away.

"Like herpes…he often goes into remission…but never quite goes entirely away."


How about;

"Like a bad sea food dinner he keeps returning."?


You’re either talking about dogs butts or sex related diseases. And you say that Dan has issues? Dan is always booked for at least two weeks in advance all year long and making a ton of money. How about you?

I do not think how good an inspector Dan is has any thing to do with this .
For Dan to come into our home as an uninvited guest and say the things he does is far from proper .
I am disappointed with his continuing ridiculing that does no good at all.

You’re right, Roy.

He can sure dish it out better than he can take it.

Mothers always come up with good lines;)
Now whats the name of the noisiest HI org??:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

I can take it until it goes to the point of making jokes on animal abuse, or associating my name, by a select few, with the sick sexual sugestions, and name calling that members of your org support, and defend on this public bb.

No but I can name the Home Inspector who has a strange adiction .
It looks like he needs a constant fix .
I do hope he grows out of his fixation .
… Cookie

If you read through the archives you will find that I figured this org out way before by offering to take the on-line quiz for anybody that could not pass it] I was even close to having completed 250 inspections.


If that demonstrates your level of integrity NACHI is better not having you as a member.:frowning:
Now would you please crawl back under your rock?

Cookie… I just completed a little research on my visits to your house, on this site,
in search for that light at the end of the tunnel :slight_smile: ] and on google, where many of them go way back, long before you were re-born as a nachoitte:twisted:

I found that a large percentage of my replys were from me being invited, by being asked a direct question, enticed and sometimes even lured :twisted: :twisted: to enter your home, by either nickie, some of his appointed, many of them by you, :roll: :roll: and some of your fellow members.:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

You must have a Bat Phone

With a special ring tone from nickey when he calls begging me to help him get more human visits than visits from the slurrpyies:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


Still acting like a dick after all these years.

It’s not an act, Joe.

“Woofie” is for real.