Hey Nick

Bobbi told me to tell you, Hi and thanks for thinking about her and sending her this e-mail. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Bobbi Afeline:
You took NACHI’s online inspector examination on 11/19/2005 and finished with a score of 83. If you are still in the home inspection business, we would highly recommend that you subscribe to the NACHI online newsletter. In it you’ll learn about upcoming, free home inspection events near Any Where, AZ, get industry updates from NACHI, and more.

Undoubtedly, had you not helped this kitten with the test…she would have scored higher.

Oh, No… Not another Arizona ***cat***astrophe, the humanity when will it end! :mrgreen:

If you look at the prior post and documentation on this, along with proof that nobody believed and stated it was not possible, Bobbie completed the “nachi certification” on-line quiz in 14 min… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Damn, it took me 15 min.:twisted::twisted:

New thread…:mrgreen:

The truth of the matter is that housing has hit the ****s here in AZ. I know of quite a few HI companies that have gone down as a result of this cycle, luckily I am not one of them as I have a desent base to keep me going.

Dan the man Harris has at leaste 3 times the reffural base that I do and will soar through this 7 year glitch. I have heard nothing but top notch info on Dan and I wish I had the base that he does. As for his cat I really could not say as I have never met Bobbie…:p:p:p but chances are she is at least as smart as that reporter from a year or so ago…:mrgreen:

Oh hell!!!

I cant post hardly anywere!!!


Dan, I need you to call me on Monday 7-8 am as I have an inffered lead for you on a 8700 sq. ft home. They want my Tech inspection, but they also want the one thing I do not offer. I passed my elevater coarse…:smiley: , but I lack your expertise with the flir.

Please call me on Monday. I told them it would be around $750- $1400 for the flir job, and they did not blink.

My fee for the home is $1950.00 I will be doing it on wensday and thursday ( by myself) if you can make it let me know. If it works out and you can make the trip I will give you 10% of my take after expences. Plus the fee for your infered job.


Thanks Dan.

Dan, if I fly out can I get some FREE hands on training with the flir? Which one do you have?

It would serve you better to call him directly on Saturday after 1Pm.

B Cam…
Sure… If you let me know a couple weeks in advance I’ll only schedule 2 for the day your here. It would be on a new home/ one year warranty.



She’s pretty smart… Just yesterday she was inspecting the lake in my subdivision and brought me a fish.:smiley: :smiley:

Nick also invited her to the Canada Convention next week for only $99.00
I’m trying to get her a kittie discount so she has enough money left to get her CMI after she completes all the CE offered there…:wink:

Don’t forget that special litter she’s so fond of. :wink:

Todd… I’m tottaly booked until the 25th. If it can be done after the holiday let me know.
I had to refer one of my nachi buddies on 2 church inspections, one 14,000’
and one 24,000’ :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


Skip the trouble of the CMI CEU’s and just send a Check to ASHI.

If the Cat is as smart as you suggest, the Check alone will award Candidate (Associate) Status at a negotiable Discounted rate.

Just have the same person that logged on as a Cat show up at the ASHI Testing Center and provide the same FALSE documentation. As long as you (the Cat) has a Check, you should be accepted and approved.

It’s not the cat litter… she’s happy with the dirt.:smiley:
It’s the darn expensive fancy feast:D :smiley: :smiley:

But Joe… :slight_smile: ASHI won’t market her as a “certified” inspector with out proof of taking two proctored exams, verifying at least 5 reports, proof of 250 completed inspections and all the other ridiculous requirements they require prior to marketing inspectors as ASHI certified .:wink: :wink:

Damn dude, that will not work… Hmmmm, I guess I will call upon an Enginer… + 15% for me…:smiley:

Should have been $1,999. They would never have given it a second thought.

It’s a good thing Bobbi didn’t apply for membership in NACHI. Completing those affidavits might be a little more difficult than punching a few keyboard keys. I bet she does know how to write a check, though, if she’s as smart as Sophie! :mrgreen: Sophie, however, is lazy, especially after she’s had gopher cuisine with a lizard for dessert.

Sophie doesn’t like fancy feast unless it comes with gopher gizzards, lizard livers, and bird brains.

that cat looks gay!! LOL

Here is the pooch…

13.5 years

Ahhh, crap all my pics exceed the max…:(:frowning: