Thanks guys!

Thank you guys for being so kind to the new vendor on the block this year. I made the mistake of making A post on ‘another’ board in the beginning of the year and was treated like crap. You guys have been the complete opposite.

Everyone’s been very helpful, giving tips and ideas on how you think Home Inspector Pro could be better. There’s been a lot of you who are happy using another program (rightfully so, and would never change) who have still gone out of their way to check out the demo and give me tips on improving things. This is really an awesome community :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve even had other software vendors giving me tips!

Have a great Thanksgiving weekend.


Well, what goes around, comes around. You have been nothing but positive and very helpful from my perspective.

Thank you. :smiley:


When you’re offering a reporting software at a discount and posting SEO techniques for FREE and then assisting us at no cost (as you did with me - including my company info. on your website) and your not responding to members with an attitude (like other money hungry mongers have done here), you’re going to get places here at NACHI.

You’re definitely OK in my book. Thank you for your assistance. You get a greenie from me.

Thanks Dominic

Have a great Thanksgiving weekend.
.and the same to you and all our great Sourthen friends in the USA.
Cookie from Canada…

Nice going Dominic and have a good Thanksgiving.

Marcel :slight_smile:

Thanks for all you’ve done for the NACHI community Dominic,
you are greatly respected for you positive contributions to this mesg board.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours,


Like my friend Frank C. would say Worth repeating!!!

Thanks Dominic!!

We can learn alot from you!!! Thanks for all the great SEO tips