Thanks Nick

Just wanted to say thanks to Nick for the Denver course…and for Lisa picking me up at the airport. I am typing this on a TV screen, so my apologies if it does not come out right. Wow the mountains are beautiful, and so is the weather. Look forward to the course and meeting fellow members.

It should be pretty good. I haven’t heard of anyone not getting in OK. It will be fun to meet everyone.

Great this is just another example where NACHI is trying to help all Inspectors every where all the time.

Roy Cooke

Happy to hear you made it OK Robert!! Enjoy your stay,and course.

Thanks Mario

I have my truck full of drinks, everything from O.J. to diet coke with lime. I bought 3 big coolers and will pickup some ice on the way. We’ll have drinks and snacks the whole day. Lunch has already been arranged.

Hi Nick!
I am looking forward to tomorrows class. I hear that it might be snowing “sideways” but that will make for an interesting day.