Thanks Will Decker - Thanks InterNACHI

This is to let everyone know that some people talk the talk and also walk the walk.

I needed some help with thermal imaging. I had read Will Decker’s page in the internet and remembered that he has an entry about mentoring home inspectors. So, I called Will Decker in the Chicago area and asked for his help. He was very gracious and immediately invited me to come along in one on his inspections.

Will was very generous with his time and knowledge during the inspection, and I managed to learn some new things. He was very courteous to me at all times and made me feel as an active member of the inspection instead of the onlooker that I really was. It was great to see a real pro at work, and I think we are lucky to have a member of InterNACHI who is so knowledgeable and ready to help others.

My thanks go to Will Decker and to InterNACHI.

Arnold Gonzalez
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Very nice,

Kudos Will!

Thanks Will. Will has helped so many in our profession… I’ve lost count.

I went out with Will myself.
Nice he does that.

Done it a few times myself as that was the payment he asks.

Gave one guy a commercial job and only asked he let me go with.
Still waiting to hear from him.(yes he got the job).

is also an instructor for CE classes and past President of our chapter.

Oh, NO!!!

Decker Home Services, Endorsed by Bob Elliot!

Where did I go wrong?

Do you want Nick to move this to the NFE section?:wink:

1)Only two months late with the reply.
2)Still can’t spell my name correctly
3)My comment was only because I always help those in obvious need :twisted:

Oh almost forgot…you were voted top Home Inspector by the Polish Contractors of America…Congratulations.

Will has always been a class act.

Will has always been a big help to inspectors.

Was that the job I sent your way? Are you re-gifting?


Nope, would have called you if I took that.
Don’t get paranoid on me. :slight_smile:
Check the date on the post.

yeah…saw the date. Couldn’t help it though. :slight_smile: