Help Will Decker

I hope the membership will join me in sending a contribution to Will Decker to cover the loss of his tools. It’s my hope that he will recieve more than he lost, which is as it should be. He’s a vital asset. Please help him.

I agree and if you wish you can call will and have him put it on a credit card .
This is what I did and do like I did do not take no for an answer.
If he gives you a hard time tell him you will Call Roy and he will listen.

Thanks Keith

Wills Phone
Office: (847) 676-8393
Cell: (847) 609-2345
Home: (847) 673-2702

Count me in Will. Call me.


Is it possible for you to post Will’s mailing address?

How about his paypal account email. Then some of us internet bumpkins can send cash that way.


Mario, I had to threaten him to get his address, but I don’t want to make it public without his consent.

see post two above that is how I got the money to him.

I’ve just finished talking with Will, and after much threatening (again) he agreed to accept a credit card donation from me. His biggest loss is his thermal imaging camera which he desparately needs because he has classes scheduled with it this month and next. “Fir” is not cutting him any slack, so he’s seriously out of pocket. Please give generously, and show Will that we really do appreciate everything that he’s done over the years, which culminating in his nomination as “Inspector of the Year.” Thanks.


Can you please e-mail it to me if it’s OK with Will.

mailing address on the top of my web page

If anyone knows someone at FLIR and could get them to cut me a deal (like pay for the camera over a year. I hate finance and lease charges) let me know (phone and e-mail below).

And anyone who wants a copy of my course, let me know. It is approved for state cE in Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana. I would be happy to help bet it approved in other states that require state approved CE. I don’t charge for the course our if you want me to teach it (well, maybe a few drinks :wink: ).

The course is available for download at www.nachi/presentations . It is ThermalImaging for Home Inspectors II.

I think you are all just plain crazy, but a wise man informed me that giving is just a important to the giver (and maybe more so) than it is to the receiver.

Hope this helps;


Thanks for giving in!!!
You have done so much for NACHI members consider this as [in a small way] payback.

Im sure Nick would not get too many complants from NACHI members if NACHI was help Will out a little.

I am keeping a close tab on this. When I am better situated, I plan to either pay everyone back or donate the payback to the Safer Homes Foundation (or maybe the Nick Gromicko Home for Wayward Home Inspectors :mrgreen: )

I still think you guys are crazy, but that’s just me. :wink:

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Or you could give all the money to Nick and then he in turn invites everyone over for a three day cocktail party in the mountains. :margarit:

Now THAT’S an Idea!!!

BTW: Please, no PayPal. Too much phishing and the security sucks.

These are gifts from the heart. Please don’t even think of repaying anyone; it would take away our pleasure of honoring a man of honor.

If anyone wants to make a credit card payment… visit my web site
and make payment of any amount on my secure server. I will forward
the money to Will. Be sure to include a note during payment that it
is for “Will Decker”.

This works for U.S. residence only:
(scroll half way down the page to the big “Click - Pay Online” gray button).

This is not Pay-Pal and is very secure (no slander against Pay-Pal)
We accept VISA, MC, AM EXP, and DISC. cards.

I am providing this service with or without Will’s permission.
He deserves our help because he has been a friend and
helper to so many. I know he has helped me.

Thanks for everything Will.
We appreciate you.

That is so true it makes me want to puke…

We’ll try to make a little cash contribution as a chapter when he comes here for his Thermal Imaging course.

I don’t take money for teaching, Dave.