InterNACHI member Will Decker presenting at Inframation 2009.

Congrats Will!

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Congrats Will.

Congrats Will.

Here are some pictures. Gave the paper and it was well recieved. Many of the “professionals” were surpised to see a home inspector involved. I told the people who asked that NACHI was the professiona association for thermal imaging with regards to Building Science.

The pictures are from a panel, for the Building Science users group. On the panel wwas Scott Woods (ITC instructor) and to the right of me, a PhD, Physics, who works at Oak Ridge National Lab. We had a very good talk and had a drink or 3. He was impressed with the presentation and with the thought that HIs were so well versed in this field.

Hope this helps;

Scott Woods was my Building Science instructor. Sharp guy.

Scott’s a good guy and a well informed Building Scientist, but he is not a Home Inspector (not that there is anything wrong with that).

Sounds like you helped Scott to respect your course Will.
Good job.

Good going Will.
I hope you avoided the gaming.:):):slight_smile:

I look forward to your CE class on water intrusion issues.(hats off)

Now get to a NACHI Chicago meeting once in a while .

Congrats, Will.

Scott knows how to thermally scan and interpret a building, among other things IR, and I learned much from him.

Good Job Will!!

Thanks, guys. I was honored to be asked to submit, and still am. Putting in a good word for NACHI, especially where thermal imaging is concerned, is a good thing, in my opinion. Puts us ahead of others.

Hope this helps;