Really Great Conversation - NICK - Will says HI

I sent an email Will Decker earlier today after I found an old article he had written out on the Internet. This evening instead of just replying to my email he gave me a call. Really nice guy!!! He had nothing but GREAT things to say about Nick, Ben and InterNachi. Not only did he have some great information to share I got to hear a few of his Jewish jokes… don’t think I want to repeat any here though :slight_smile: I also got the story of how Nachi started - what a great story. For any of you that are just starting out and looking some advice and assistance give Will a shout it will be well worth it. Here is a link to his web site that also has his email address and phone number -

Will is a great guy. Always willing to provide his assistance.

Will has done a lot for this organization and helped out a lot of members. Will really stands out in this organization, and it does not have to do with him wearing those bright orange shirts either.

Will is the best.