That and gravel roof

I did a four point on a tar and gravel roof house has know leaks I’m guessing 4 to 5 years life expectancy what do you think

I see lots of gravel but I can’t see enough of the roofing material to make a guesstimate.


Here’s some more pics

If you cat see enough of the roofing material that’s good correct we want to see alot of gravel

What would you say about asphalt shingles with this much granule loss?
Basically the same thing, just on a larger scale.

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So this roof would you say has some life left in it I estimate 4- 5 years let me put it this way third party roof guy came to this rental property likely hired by the insurance company and said this roof needs replaced immediately there are no active leaks and mostly gravel would you replace this roof as a new inspector I say no I say at least 4 to 5 years

So you saying

Tar and gravel is a different animal then shingles wen the plus of built up roofing or tar and gravel break down moisture gets trapped in between and vegetation starts growing this is not to that point

I think you just described a roof that needs immediate replacement. “Known leaks”.


Is this a licensed contractor and if so how do you know more about the roofing industry?

Really y can tell you stories about certified master inspectors here on this forum that told me to just download a pic from the internet and include in my report so your saying all roofing contractors are a 100 percent honest?

Yeah that’s what I thought crickets awful silent now

Roof as no leaks

So does the roof have no leaks or known leaks? Is this a language thing?

Roof has no leaks

None at all checked every square inch of the interior

From here it looks anywhere from immediate replacement to 5 years remaining life.

Writing a coherent post and spell checking might get better responses, FWIW.


I don’t see big problems with this roof, but I would have to walk it. From a recent article in which I concur:

"If more than 25% of a tar and gravel roof is covered in patches, then the roof needs to be entirely replaced.

Things like loose areas, depressions, cracking, discoloration, blistering, and other deteriorated surfaces are all indications that this roof will likely need to be replaced sooner rather than later"

These roofs can last a very long time, up to 30 years.

I know you did not observe any leaks. But, was there a plenum or space between the ceiling and the roof decking? That would be a good place to look for damage.

Also, soft spots when walking the roof are an indicator of problems. Then evidence of poor drainage, uneven gravel spread and exposed substrate which will be prone to UV damage

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