The 5 question in the internachi code of ethics

Yes I should have known the DODE OF ETHICS word for word by heart and now after a sleepless night and upon reflection will apologize to the member whom posted it asking the question ( what would you you? )and ask him or her for forgiveness and understanding.
My post was an knee jerk reaction to the question and not to the member posting it and I was caught off guard and well explain why.
I have 2 helpers aiding my mother that are Haitian, They come to our home twice a week both of whom suffered loose in Hattie’s earthquake ,friends that have died from aids and can go on. My mother is 84 and blind and has suffered 3 strokes in the past 2 years so I am also on my nerves and trying to change my life as a trades man and construction business owner and looking to be a good home inspector with the teachings of InterNACHI.
I am now after the reply to that posting, doing a hard reflection of my practices and reviewing all, all, and will come back to the message board only to view and will start answering questions ONLY when I feel I have the discipline to sit back and reflect upon the subject matter at hand and give any answers to that subject specifically in hope that my answer may aid that individual with some clarity.
Knee jerk reactions have no place in furthering anyone’s responsibility of giving concise and objective answers to ones questions.
I do hope you all understand and forgive me.
Through ones errors and proper reflection answers can be obtained.
I have worked hard and loosing another years income to advance my self in what I see as a needed resource in Montreal Canada and will make adjustments along the way and do not want to damage my InterNACHI membership.So again please be understanding.

Still on the meds Robert?

Robert…I can tell you are a very decent man who struggles to do the right thing in every circumstance.

I admire you and your decision, but hope that you will allow yourself to relax and exchange thoughts without fearing a mistake, for this message board also serves to “thicken the skin” of the timid men who are not prepared for a business world or market that will challenge them, their ethics, their self confidence, and their abilities. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. You didn’t hurt anyone with your response.

Your input is more valuable than you think and I hope you will not withhold too much of it from us.


You are being to hard on yourself. You are not expected to have memorized the Code of Ethics. Your so called “knee jerk” reaction shows in itself that you are an ethical person who has high standards without prejudices. It was an honest mistake and it is already forgotten. Please do not refrain from posting on the boards, you have more to contribute then you are aware of. Your concern over this issue in itself merits credit.

yep i wouldn’t worry about it ,

With that said, go read the COE and don’t worry about it…

If you can’t get in a good rumble with someone here now and then, none of us will learn anything! :wink:

I thank you all for your reinforcing views for all I mean to be is helpful and concise in my answers.I thank you all and with much humility will come back and as I mention give thought before I speak.
I am so pleased to be with (as I see now) members that are kind and helpful to a novice in his long journey into a field that I am going to be in for many years to come.I will truly carry my head high knowing that I will get support from those whom do not judge but are helpful to those whom need support and kind words and our fathers teaching ask us to do just that.Please do not be confused by my reference to our father for with out him I would not be grounded and is part of my life structure.
Again thank you this has made my day.

Welcome back