The biggest announcement in inspection industry history!

Very exciting.!

I can’t even sleep.

**:stuck_out_tongue: OUTSTANDING!:stuck_out_tongue: **

Go gettum Nick!\:D/
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This is extremely exciting. I’m glad to be on board and look forward to seeing this all come together!!


Makes me want to fly down and help out. Do you need an IR inspection?

I’m looking forward to seeing the final results.

very nice

Almost missed this.
Very very cool, and I can hear grinding of teeth down the street at ASHI headquarters.

ESOP’s made their dual membership policy pretty clear. They can all join InterNACHI and they don’t have to quit ASHI. I think ASHI feels similarly

P.S. Brion is a real asset to his organization. I wish he was a dual member.

Way to go Nick, Next

I know a good sleep doctor. :mrgreen:

Good job, very impressive!

Now, I have to wonder, it seems NACHI spends a major pile of money, salaries, facilities etc. etc. Do we need to be concerned with the long term costs that will rise or does NACHI make plenty from vendors? It would seem that $289 x 10,000 is a lot of money but not enough to cover this rapid growth/spending pattern we have seen in the last 3 years.

In other words, don’t even think of raising our dues.

We’re fortunate. InterNACHI doesn’t rely on membership dues at all and it doesn’t need due money to continue as the world’s biggest, best inspection association. Dues are just icing on the cake.

Remember, cash isn’t the fuel that makes an association run. Cash is the grease… at most cash can make things run a little smoother. Human energy is the fuel.

Another Reason why NACHI is the BEST

An organization that puts this much money into the betterment of their members will stand.

Keep it up Nick

Lawrence Olsen

Now there is a WOW Factor!

Do I hear hollywood?

How soon do you plan to have this up and running?


years ago my High School had a T.V. Studio to do School news. I did directing, control panel etc,. I did voice Overs. “This is the sight and sound of the New Castle Community Schools Channel 11 Tv New Castle. Up next see PJHS News.”