This school has an awfully nice association logo on all their pages.


*Cool!! ***[size=4][FONT=Verdana] :cool:[/FONT][/size]

***[size=4][FONT=Verdana]I found a site where “NACHI” is mentioned on 276 pages. One page alone has “NACHI” mentioned 55 times!

It is no wonder that ASHI accused the company of being “owned” by NACHI.

Care to guess what the site is?


BestInspectors.Net ?-?-?

Yes Mike - You win the Daily Prize!!

ASHI was not going to allow us to participate in their 2007 convention because they thought we were “owned” by NACHI. No kidding - that’s what they told me. They finally decided to allow us to participate. I wish they hadn’t!

In the 16 years we have been in business, the 2007 ASHI convention ranks Number One as our biggest waste of money ever. I would have done better to have burned the money in my fireplace. Better still, I would rather have given thousands of dollars of discounts to InterNACHI members. That’s exactly what I did this year during the ASHI convention. I could not have enjoyed losing money any more in a Las Vegas casino!

I am not too bright but I don’t make really big mistakes more than once. The 2007 ASHI convention was our first and last ASHI convention!

Gee, do I sound biased? InterNACHI does more for its members than any professional or trade association I have ever been associated with.

I tried to count the number of times that we have “NACHI” on our web site. I stopped counting at 500. Even I was not aware that we are so pro-NACHI. I love it!!

I stopped counting broken roof tiles once at 40 . . . I think I would have stopped way before 500 . . . [size=2]but, COOL*!!*[/size]


Hey, I never claimed to be too bright!

I used MS Frontpage to find “NACHI” on our site. It found NACHI on 276 pages and gave a count for each page individually. I started to add the numbers together but got tired of counting when I reached 500. The great thing is that it did not count logos!

By the way, the site only has about 300 pages total but I am a bit concerned. That means there are pages without NACHI mentioned on them. That is completely unacceptable! I need to figure out which pages do not have NACHI on them and fix them.

George . . . good luck finding the missing pages, I don’t have that many webpages and it takes forever to make changes . . . keep thinking I need to learn Cascading Style Sheets or PHP programming . . . I don’t even want to think about 300 pages.
Good Luck!

**PS. **(Sorry a side note, think they call this a drift) Earlier in my life I was an editor to a national newsletter for a certain CAD/CAM system, I had never done anything like that and long before the internet came alone . . . to make a long story short, someone had submitted an article which was accepted which ended in ‘Good Luck’, except he had written ‘Good Lick’ . . . spell checkers back then we’re as good as today’s . . . anyhow, I was staring at Good Luck above and this memory floated back in, again, sorry about the drift. :mrgreen: