The Consumer Pledge To Select A Home Inspector

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Proving negatives is a fools errand.

Are you into that?


You may be correct!

Even so… when may we expect you releasing and posting those e-mails?/

Mr. Biggs,

I want to thank you for putting into words, with clarity & simplicity, a “total Package” what many of us have been trying to get across to others for a long time.

Even if John Biggs was a creation of Jim Bushart would that change the import of his words?

Some here seek to discredit John Biggs posts through guilt by association.

That really is not relevant to the thoughts expressed.

Carry on.


Who cares who Biggs is, or where he is from. To be honest I was thinking it was Nick. He would do something like this to keep the ratings of the site elevated. He loves this kind of stuff:roll:

Still the questions he asked and the statements he males whether it is Nick or whomever (doesn’t really matter) are right on que All you are doing is yet another evasion of the truth. The more you divert and spin the worse you look even to your clients.

Be a Man and man up. Post the emails, hash them out, and move on. It really is a simple thing to do.


With all due respect I care! And here is why. A NON-MEMBER is trashing/harassing members… you can say what you want about Nathan but he is at least a MEMBER and so are the inspectors this NON MEMBER is trashing/harassing. If it can happen to them where does it stop? Are you and I next?
This is why I care…because it’s wrong.

I understand George, but as you say what is going on with all this crap Is wrong. Biggs has said nothing that hasn’t been said or asked already by legit members. If all posts by Biggs were suddenly gone, the same facts and questions would still remain.

So whereas I do understand and even agree with you, it really makes no difference. Nothing but another diversion from the truth being told.


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

Sorry but once again nothing you just said has any relevance to the actual point. But nice try…FAIL.

How are those emails coming Nate?

Why are you so scared bud? it will all work out and you will be ok. Just Be a Man, face the music, let the chips fall where they may…then move on. You will be a better person if you man uop.


Wow, getting down in the gutter now nate. Do you feel like a big man to yourself making up all this funny stuff? Every time you come up with this stuff you look really bad to all your clients, potential clients and of course the entire world that may see any of this.

TIP: you should really try being a little bit more professional…just sayin…:cool:


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That description has nothing to do with me? I have a very viable business way more than sufficient assets even though that has nothing to do with anything but still…:wink:

So you see what you said is not true opinion or not, it doesn’t hold water here.


Yes sir there is a diversion going on.When they came for the jews I said nothing…Did anyone notice that a NON MEMBER is being allowed to publicly trash member inspectors?? Its ok for Bushart to pose as Biggs but someone else gets hammered for not being truthful. …where is the fairness in that?

I agree, but FYI I highly doubt it is Jim B. anyway what is fair when Nathan made up bold face lies about me in a public forum. Defamatory, libelous? There is a whole lot of WRONG shi…t going on here lately and in the end nobody wins.


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Question: How stupid do these guys have to be to think that John Biggs and I are the same person?

Answer: They have to be stupid enough to believe that Nick Gromicko … who has access to the IP address for every post made on the message board … would not use the opportunity to publicly disclose such a charade in an attempt to discredit me and others promoting the Client Fidelity Pledge that he deeply resents.

Mr. Biggs is a much better writer than I am … and exhibits much more patience with childish antics than I do.

Whoever John Biggs is … and I have a good idea who he might be, but am not certain … he is dead on with his logic and communicates it, beautifully.

I encourage him to continue to add to the discussion and to share links to these threads with the other consumer groups that he says he is having discussions with. The public needs to know about the “thornberries” polluting the industry and … most importantly … that they can choose to use inspectors who do NOT do business with him. Not ALL inspectors are on the take.

Please. Print out posts from each and compare composition and sentence structure. It doesn’t take a genius and I consider you a smart man. I am not defending Nathan or his actions but the fact remains we have a NON MEMBER who is not only allowed but even encouraged to hassle paying INSPECTOR members. As a card carrying PAYING member I am offended.