Flying High

I am back on the roof tops after having one that I did not climb, you sissy’s that have Big Butts and stay on the ground must have good E & O or a hot line to Joe Ferry. Found a little problem yesterday not visible from the ground or the ladder;-)

Your like Spider-Man! Do you use a safety harness and tie off when your up there? I know dozens of roofers who wouldn’t free climb that roof.

His red HAT has a parachute in it.

I would use a drone on that roof.

Kudos to you Charlie, I wouldn’t have claimed to the ridge myself, I noticed that you are at a crouched position on the ridge, was there a little wind blowing. :smiley:

Also the damage plumbing boot doesn’t seem to be on the same pitch, a lot less of a slope.

A crane will be arriving tomorrow to replace the defective boot as no roofer in his right mind would walk that.

Charlie’s helium filled hat gives him an unfair competitive advantage.

Your pretty smart for being Ca person The back side was a cake walk:D;-)

No harness or tie offs I don’t want the extra weight when I put my landing gear down:p;-)

You get that Atta boy award but i bet i can get them same pictures with out the risk of death lol

Charley knows the safe passage to the roof climb. He just don’t show the pictures. ;):slight_smile:

I retired from home inspecting because I did not want to climb roofs anymore! But it would be hard to call me a sissy since I flew single engine single jet fighters for 32 years.

I agree, Robert.

You mean those jets that, when the ONE ENGINE quit, there wasn’t another engine to carry you to safety?..THOSE jets?

Thank you for your service. :slight_smile:

Ya pretty smart also for being a lobster man I don’t tell every thing I know I like having fun with these dudes:p

I helped pick a few of you fly boys out of the Gulf of Tonkin and they all wished they had been climbing roofs somewhere else, some had missing arms from the cockpit canopy not opening properly

Thank you for your service

Happy Easter to you and your Charley. Walk safely. :slight_smile:

Pretty GOOD ONE Charley!

Have a Great Easter

On roof climbing, liability insurance for that is pretty pricey and OSHA has rules for wearing safety equipment and using chicken ladders for getting up to the ridge so my question is:

Why are home inspectors exempt from climbing when all other service providers are required to set up safety equipment before getting on the roof?

We are not up there to perform a repair. Only a visual inspection. And NACHI SOP does not require you to go on the roof.

There is no such thing as liability insurance for roof climbing unless you tear up the roof trying to keep from falling. OSHA has no rules for small business with no employees.

Next question:mrgreen:

Roof climbing without safety equipment is OSHA enforced and since you seem to know the rules anything over 6’ requires a harness, rails or net.

Roof walking when its hot damages shingles even if you can’t see it. The safety thing I find foolish and I speak from experience but I guess if your a 1 man shop you can walk all the roofs you want but if your a multi-inspector firm your inspectors need safety equipment.