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I’m not certified yet, so take this as a n00b question.(I’ve taken college level electronics, am an auto master tech, A+ certified computer tech)

I’m not sure the document/page I linked is easily understood for the question I want to ask.

My understanding is the reason we bond the neutral at the service panel instead of keeping them isolated from each other is that by bonding them we allow the return path to the AC generator or substation to use smaller conductors, saving utilities money.

And the result is a portion of load current from all subcribers/customers)takes a return path through ground to the substation or AC power source(powerplant) through ALL paths of low(relatively low) resistance…and this causes synthetic electrical currents to fluctuate in the earth ground. Based on load, based on conductivity, based on resistance in utility neutral.

If you live in an area with good ground condictibity like Santa Fe New Mexico, for example, a higher portion of the load neutral is returned to he substation via ground bonding than other areas with low conductivity?

I think I understand the concept of bonding, but wouldn’t it be safer for biology if we simply used larger (or lower resistance) utility line and service conductors so that resistance is always low, ground resistance is always high between the service entrance and earth ground of a building and the substation?

And just ground the housings at the substations, generators and subscribers for actual faults and lightening strikes?

The question is, did they cheap out and use inadequate conductors and bond the neutral at the service panel just to save money?

As an auto mechanic, it’s DC power and he chassis of the car is either negative or positive, and the car is insulated by the tires from Earth ground.

(Aside from some induction from steel belted tires)

The second question is are we wasting electricity because we bond the neutral to earth ground and use inferior wiring for utility service neutrals?

From heat?

IS this practice making the components on utility services hot?

Earth ground is an inefficient neutral path. That’s good for biology, having the resistance being lower on the conductors.

But is inadequate conductors the reason we do it this way?

If it is, it’s making everything on the utility side hotter.

And living things sick.

Are you a home inspector? If not why the interest in this topic?

I’m electromagnetically hypersensitive.

And I’m studying to become a home inspector.

So I have those skills to become an EMR/EMF consultant and healthy home inspector, and do it faster and cheaper. Than shelling out ten grand to get certified as a HHI.

So I can make our environment safer.

Reduce waste.

Also I can’t leave town for the HHI hands on stuff yet.

Is Earth Bonding the service panel neutral caused by copper shortage?

Are we stuck with “aluminum wiring” bond the neutral because they cut costs?

A useful study would be pole transformer failure rates.

Compare the conductivity of the soil to the failure rates of pole transformers.

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity is a claimed sensitivity to electromagnetic fields, to which negative symptoms are attributed. EHS has no scientific basis and is not a recognised medical diagnosis. Claims are characterized by a “variety of non-specific symptoms, which afflicted individuals attribute to exposure to electromagnetic fields”.Wikipedia


No scientific basis.

So you vulture in on the topic with no interNACHI certification then try to discredit me with Wikipedia.

Why are you here?


Sorry the last troll is interNACHI certified.

My apologies to the community.

Wikipedia isn’t what certified inspectors use to dispel uncomfortable questions?

Peter you are not certified, Mr. Wigger is a Certified Master Inspector.
Settle down now & please learn to accept other opinions for discourse.
My opinion is it is perceived, caused by a mental condition.
Perhaps it’s the area you are in. Where is that.


I have to now explain my reason for asking a question?

After being interrogated as to my motive for asking a question…

Here you go: (don’t let it interfere with the original question or answering it/them)

I am personally Electromagnetically hypersensitive.

It’s a violation of InterNACHI code of conduct to discriminate against a disability or a health condition.

Electromagnetic Radiation and Health for Children 2013 Presentation Summary: (

Answer the questions Claire

I’m not willing to participate in this tangential inquisition.

I want my questions answered not questioned.

A valid answer would be something like this:

“Because of capacitance we have to bond the neutral to Earth”

Take it easy now, calm down.

caused by a mental condition.
Perhaps it’s the area you are in. Where is that.

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Answer the questions, or ask me to clarify them.

It’s not easy content.

The basic theory of the system is that two phase or three phase or any multiphase system can return through a neutral conductor of the same size as both the two phase conductors or three phase conductors.

My contention is that that’s not true. The two or three waves all make it hotter, and it’s not 1:1 hotter but it’s hotter.

You need an equal conductance or a harmonic neutral that doesn’t get hotter than the other conductors on the return wire.

The theory is that three phase conductors of equal girth(conductance/resistance) can “ground/neutral” back to the generator over 1/3 the wire because they are in different phases is not correct"

They cheaped(AROUND the same rime we cheaped out with aluminum wiring) out and did it through earth ground made transformers heat up and overheat prematurely.

And made everybody get diabetes.

That’s far out crap, but after being harassed about it there you are…


.Is bonding the service panel neutral to ground competent?

Or a horrible biological toxin?

Could dead bees be fixed just by thickening the neutrals and unbonding the service panels neutral to Earth?

Sorry Peter but this is a home inspectors forum not a chat room. So far nothing in this thread is related to home inspection.


It is because the electrical inspection unit of the courses confuses grounding with bonding.

And it confuses how ground fault circuit interrupters work.

I’ll have to take that up later I’m exhausted,.

But I’ll explain why next post.

There’s theory and practice. There are things InterNACHI inspections don’t cover like a house being in the footprint of RF radiation.

We aren’t required to inspect that.

It’s beyond the scope of the job.

But There are articles within the Electrical Inspections Curriculum unit that don’t jive with physics.

Give me a break, I’ll demonstrate it.

But I’m bothered nobody took the topic head on.

Instead they challenged me personally in violation of the ethics and standards.



I’m going to take a health break be back tomorrow.

Alert me if I fail to come back and discuss it.

See ya tomorrow
ps>> do you happen to be related to a Melissa Moody?



But you have relatives and friends who are EHS whether they realize it or not.

I just want to improve the environment and the engineering.

Please read the pdf I linked.