The king of all flippers

I had a hard time believing my eyes this morning what do you see wrong in this shower stall.

Is that just good old drywall?

Drywall shower, not aa temp balance faucet, not to mention the fixture is off center.

I suppose a door or curtain has been ordered.

But wait, maybe that’s basement waterproofing paint from Home Depot, then its ok!

I sure hope it is because its just drywall. I think the first shower will probably stop up the drain when the wall melts;-)

I can’t wait to start seeing stuff like this

Waterproof paint. :wink:
What did the shower base look like?

You would think they would have installed the shower head on the other wall rather than point toward a no door or curtain direction. :wink:

That is the problem there was no thinking involved;-)