The life in Aroostook County Maine.

My wife went up North to see her Mother last weekend and thought I would show a few pictures of her travels to a small farmer that just won’t change his ways to modern ways of farming.

There is my wife and her sister.



Man, this stuff sure is bringing back old memories. Yep fill up the barrel for 18 cents, Wow.

GEDC0069.jpg The old two row digger. Alright guys, I was not around for the 1 row, so don’t ask. ha. ha.

Just thought some would enjoy.

Hey, did anyone notice that Farmal 707? Early 70,s or late 60’s I suspect.

Marcel :):smiley:




Pretty slick pictures Marcel, I often wondered where potatoes came from, here all this time I thought they grew on potato trees----:lol:—O:)

Sure looks like some pretty country up there though…!!

Hey Marcel, do you know what a seven course meal is in Ireland???

A six pack and a potato HA HA

No offence to my Irish friends on the board

That was funny Peter.:):stuck_out_tongue:

Marcel :):smiley:

do the kids still help with the harvest

Hi. Dennis, and nice to hear from you.

To answer your question, yes two weeks out of the Fall Season in September.

The kids either pick for small farmers or work on the Potatoe Harvesters and potatoe houses.

The pictures I posted was an extremely small farmer where my wife stopped in to help for free to help this guy pick his potatoes.

All the real potatoe farmers are all done usually by the end of September first week of October.

My last memory of a paid picker was 28 cents a barrel, I would be curious to know how much it is today.
I guess finding out will solve that curiousity. ha. ha.

Take care.

Marcel :):slight_smile:

and a darn fine meal it is Sir !!!:wink:

Marcel as a Kid i used to get 12 cents a quart for picking strawberries…much lighter than that barrel…

Ya, and it took twice as long. ha. ha.

Marcel :):smiley: