nice driveway

I took this picture of a house that was across the street from this mornings inspection.


Apparently the owner doesn’t have a drinking problem, the bark looks good.

Some people just really love their trees. I did a home a few years ago where there was a huge live oak in the front yard that was rubbing up against the edge of the roof. People refused to cut the tree down, instead hired a carpenter to come cut a notch in the roof drip edge and boxed the soffit all in and finished it off to accommadate the tree trunk. I know because they hired me to come back for a reinspection. They just recently moved and I did their next house for them as well. I have had people tell me the reason they bought a particular home is because of a tree or trees in the yard they loved. Go figure!

The garage was clearly designed for two motorcycles. :smiley:

raise their property taxes, that is probably living space there…

Hope you remember when backing up or paying attention when coming back from a party night. LOL


So you ask the question " what came first … the house or the tree?"

I guess the caliber of the tree would answer that, In any case the homeowner must have been in love with it to keep it where it is.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I would not be surprised if they do not even have a car.
Roy sr