This is one big tree. The utility pole is next!!

I love this picture. My client was unaware of this majestic 100 year old tree.

85606 Cleveland 026 (Small).jpg

It’s hard to be unaware of something that big. Was your Client blind? I also have had a couple of blind Clients over the years, and a couple of deaf ones, as well. Those were my most challenging inspections and makes one appreciate sight and sound.

I vote to keep the tree :slight_smile:

Did I miss the poll? I wanna vote! Where’s Todd? :margarit:

I had to go in the neighbors yard to take the photo. I was glad I did as the photo is to be published in an up an coming inspector magazine.

You cant tell if the tree is alive or dead as all the leaves have fallen.

My client wasnt blind. They just never looked at the back of the garage & the interior had a trailor in it when they looked at the garage.

Actually the tree has grown so large that it is part of the garage or is the garage a part of the tree.

This tree can almost qualify for the national parks in nothern CA. Redwood & Sequoai

Just staying on top of things. My anticipatory skills are astounding…aaand I’m bored :stuck_out_tongue: