The Report

Thank you, Mario.

I’m a NACHI member too, under my real name, which I need to protect for obvious reasons. If I didn’t respect NACHI I would quit tomorrow. Unlike Ray, who desperately clings to his OAHI membership even as he bitches about them day and night, I’m no hypocrite.

This is my forum as much as it is yours and the rest of the professionals here, and as such I’d like to see it cleaned up a bit. Two pieces of trash that have long stunk it up, Raymond Wand and Roy Cooke Sr, need to be taken out to the curb where they belong. If not for them, this would be the best forum on the internet. Under my own name, I ignore them even though their daily diatribes embarrass us all to the point where I don’t dare even tell my clients this forum exists, but my evil twin Norm, well, he likes to play with them a bit, point out their hypocrisy and idiotic posts from time to time. Sort of like shooting tadpoles in a barrel (that’s assuming that tadpoles are indeed dumber than mold).

Norm (or Dave the official spokesperson (and sponsored even!!! ooh la la) of OAHI and CAHPI) :lol:

Here’s a little treat for you:…875#post125875

Roy Roy Roy… :roll:

One post your telling everyone I’m Dave Bottoms and a few hours later your telling everyone you “could care less who it is…” So which is it? This last email suggests you haven’t a clue, which means your a liar for insinuating (break out the dictionary Roy) I’m Dave.

You really need to stick to a story, Roy, if you want to be taken seriously. Don’t worry too much about it though, that boat left the dock with your credibility on board about five years ago. Ray’s too.

Here’s a tip for you Roy. Any time you want to play with the big boys, email Ray and have him tell you what you think and then post it here. Try thinking on your own and the next thing you know those two lonely brain cells you got rummaging around in there crash into each other and you wake up three days later wondering who’s burning toast.

Norm :wink:

Yes Dave Bottoms is the biggest detriment to the National. As Editor of the Canadian Home Inspector Magazine Dave has been an unwitting accomplice in proving just how badly OAHI is managed and run. Dave I never known someone so caught up in the lies and deceit as you. Thanks for your assistance as always.

Wow, that Dave sure sounds like a bad one all right, Raymond. :lol:

Hey, has he been booted off any committees? Oh yeah, only two people have ever been given the boot. You and some other bloke. :oops:

Hey Ray, did you actually post this on the Inspection News forum?

Wow, that’s nasty. Your hissy fit meter must have been red lining that day. I hear Pamperin is supposed to be good for those “heavy” days. :lol:

You do make one good point Ray: Any organization that would have you as a member is not worth being a member of.

Norm :wink:

More good news:…875#post125875


Try and keep up. I have admitted repeatedly that I made those statements. No one here cares except for you.

Thanks again for your avid support of NACHI. And thanks for proving why no one should trust CAHPI-OAHI! I guess OAHI does not milk the members for money then deny them the right to see the financial statements of which they are entitled. Obviously the financial situation within CAHPI-OAHI is not entirely on the up and up.

Yeah Dave, try to keep up will you! Jeez, for crying out loud already. :roll:

Hey Ray, do be sure to let us know if he gets back to you on this. In the meantime, I think you better see your druggists for some more Pamprin. Sounds like your getting pretty “hissy fitty” again. :lol:

Norm :lol:


I noticed Oahi sent out a memo from the president swearing up and down that everything is legitimate in Oahi especially the disciplinary process, but we all know that is not being truthful. There are a great deal of members bogging the disciplinary system down because many have been taken advantage of the so called ethical system. Now OAHI is back peddling trying to stop the bleeding by members not renewing.

Even Aubrey LeBlanc is asking questions about what has been going on in OAHI.

Thanks Dave for helping prove why OAHI is in trouble. We can always depend on you to help prove the system is broken.

Since you seem to be desperate to change my name, I’ve changed it for you.

As for OAHI’s memo. If they did indeed send out such a memo, no doubt it was speaking directly to you and your unethical actions.

I’m curious, Ray, you seem soooo concerned about OAHI financials, but you haven’t got a word to say about NACHI’s financials. When was the last time you saw NACHI’s financials or any reports from their BOD? Considering you’ve accused Nick of money laundrying, I would think you’d be really concerned.

Dave (but feel free to call me Norm)

Go ahead, makes no diff to me. I don’t care who you are. I only use you to trash Dave Bottoms. That memo might have been directed at me, but why do I care. Like I’ve said before, they are scared $hitless to do anything about me.

As for NACHI’s financials and BOD reports, I don’t care about that. I only care about what OAHI’s doing or not doing. I’m sure you’re going to reply that it’s hypocritical, but I don’t care about that either. OAHI and CAHPI are non-profit professional associations and must be held to a high standard than some U.S. online marketing group run by a Realtor. Nick is a businessman and can do whatever he likes with his money. If he’s using this association to launder money, what do I care. OAHI and CAHPI cannot.


Hello boys,

Mystery man here.

Just checking in and I see the Canadian’s are back at it. Nothing new but it’s good to see that these idiots at least have each other.

Just having a little fun, but based on Raymond’s current very fragile state of mind, it’s probably best to cool it for the time being before he blows another gasket. Poor guy, he’s completely lost it. :-({|=

Dave (but feel free to call me Norm) :wink: