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Nick, sorry that the other thread became polluted by all that “Wendy Crap”. I am sure that she will soon be here as well. Before that happens, could you fill us in on your visit to Canada? If possible could you also give us some contact names, both here in Ontario and in Ottawa.

I agreed to write a report on the state of licensing in Canada before my trip and before I came to learn there is no serious licensing on the horizon. A couple provinces are doing some research on it and Alberta has an actual licensing research committee (which we got Vern on), but that is about it.

If anyone knows of any upcoming meetings contemplating licensing, let me know and I’ll be there.

Not much to report folks but keep your eyes and ears open.

Thanks Nick it sure is Nice to belong to an association that is open and upfront with information .
NACHI does much for all members and the sharing of information to all Home Inspectors is appreciated.

Roy Cooke …

You forgot to mention OAHI and CAHPI again, Roy. Your slipping up, boy. :lol:

Norm :wink:


You should know that unlike CAHPI-OAHI Nachi does not deny services. CAHPI-OAHI has many problems from financial concerns, to lack of due process, and or denial of due process or proper follow through of complaints.

Anyone seeking National Certification in Ontario should be very concerned about being overseen by a group of directors and committees who seem to get off on power triipping and will even go so far as to break the rules to achieve desired results.

Not me Ray, I have nothing to hide.


When it comes to OAHI or CAHPI, Ray and Roy are the last people anyone should believe. After all, they are both very bitter little boys who are driven by their tremendous egos to try to sound like they have the inside scoop. They are desperate to be viewed as important people charged with disseminating information on OAHI and CAHPI and the NCP.

Problem is, Ray hasn’t got a clue what’s been going on with OAHI since he was booted off their ethics committee many years back and he’s never had a clue about CAHPI. As for Roy, he hasn’t been a member since the turn of the century so what does he know - zip. That’s why all the stuff they keep dredging up is so dated, because that’s all they got.

The fact is, if they didn’t have OAHI and CAHPI to whine about, they’re contributions would be cut by 90 percent.

This explains where Raymond is heading:


The post above has been made by Dave Bottoms , He was removed from this BB a long time ago and now uses various Phonie Names to post on the NACHI BB. He has been doing Inspections for almost 9 years and still has not done the required 150 to become an RHI . He is very jealous of NACHI and its members and continuies to try and give fales information here and on the Canadiansites .
He has sent me many threating letters that Both the OAHI BOD and Bill Mullen know about . It looks like they are doing nothing regarding this .
Dave has also posted a false letter that he sends people to with RAYMONDS name on it . If you go to that site you will see Ray is listed as a none NACHI member and has made 9 posts and a red sq. . The next letter was popsted by Ray and it has many posts and a green sq .

12/5/06, 12:35 PM
Raymond E. Wand

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Re: How should OAHI handle my renewal to Full RHI?

12/5/06, 11:46 AM
Raymond E Wand

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This is Dave Bottom’s

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How should OAHI handle my renewal to Full RHI?
Please Note: This user is a non-member guest and is in no way affiliated with NACHI.
How should OAHI handle my renewal to Full RHI?

*]Make me resolve every

Nice try, Roy, but you seem to have conveinently forgotten that Ray had registered under about six different names, including your buddy Dave Bottoms, and even his own name.

Here’s one that’s definitely from Raymond. Green box and full member status. Sounds like he’s saying pretty much the same thing he did when he posted under his fake name.

Must be very frustrating being wrong all the time, Roy. :|.) I can understand why you are so desperate to have everyone believe you know my real identity. However, like all the crap you post about OAHI and CAHPI, in the end everyone knows you haven’t got a clue.

By the way, I thought you were going to put me on your ignore list? How’s that working out for you? \:D/:lol::lol:


Just in case you are too slow in the head to understand how to click on a link, here’s the post in its entirety.

There you go. Hope you have a wonderful new years with your CMI wife. :roll:


Just in case you are too slow in the head to understand how to click on a link, here’s the post in its entirety.

There you go. Hope you have a wonderful new years with your CMI wife. :roll:


Would you trust any word coming out of Raymond’s mouth?

Ten things you should know about Ray Wand:

  1. He quit NACHI in a hissy fit when he couldn’t get his way with Nick, and then went on to badmouth Nick and NACHI on the inspectorsnews forum.
  2. He claims to be an RHI on his web site, but in reality he is not.
  3. He’s been booted off OAHI’s ethics committee (he’s one of only two people ever booted off a committee in OAHI’s history. The other guy got caught stealing funds).
  4. He’s been booted off OAHI’s members forum more times than any other member in the history of OAHI.
  5. He’s had more member complaints lodged against him than any other OAHI member in its history.
  6. He’s the first person ever banned for life from the Canuck forum (one of only three to be booted off).
  7. He’s insinuated that he messed with someone’s credit rating.
  8. He posted an old BBB complaint against Mr Mullen, which make him as much the pond scum as the author of that secret letter.
  9. He’s posted under various fake names on this forum, such as g.strachen, d.bottoms, bugmenot, thomas lloyd, misplaced, bugyoutoo, bottomfeeder, and Raymond E Wand.
  10. And now in one last act of hypocrisy and desperation, he’s praying OAHI will allow him to upgrade his membership from Retired RHI to full RHI. Wish him luck, I supsect he’s going to need it. :lol:

So, when it comes to taking informtation with a grain of salt, Raymond Wand is one guy who you simply can’t trust. He has zero credibility and zero friends up here in Canada, just like his buddy Roy.

Norm :wink:


What does my so called principals have to do with your point? Unlike you and your role as Editor in Chief of the Canadian Home Inspector Magazine I don’t have to be credible because I am not representing any association, unlike yourself. The fact remains you are the prime example of what I have been imparting on this forum for a long time. That is that OAHI tolerates your diatribes, your threats, tantrums and other abuses because you are fighting some imaginary threat that does not exist on

Its okay to come out of the closet Dave, we all know your history and we know your motives are on Oahi behalf!

It is so unfortunate that Dave and his shadows try to belittle NACHI and the NACHI members who are helping all Canadains by suppling information that would not have come out without your ,mine and a few others constant digging.
I wonder why they do not give out some information too. They try and say we are wrong but give no good answers. We get accused of suppling incorrect information by this group that includes Bill Mullen ,Claude Lawrenson , Dave Bottoms, and those who hide behind phony names .
They all keep trying to say how wrong we are and they in turn give zip.
I do believe it is because we have hit the truth these Self appointed bunch are out for them selves and do not want the Canadian Home Inspector to have any information.
They Bill, and Claude both have tried intimidation and threatened charging us with liable.
It is obvious they do not want to have to go to court where they would under oath have to tell the truth . I sent Dave Bottom,s threats to me to the OAHI BOD and also to Bill Mullens .
It is obvious they condone his threatening letters to me .
Some great leaders to have who want to control the Canadian Home Inspector .

Roy Cooke …So Glad the NACHI BB gives out the truth

Do be sure and let us all know if he replies to your post.


Hey everyone Dave Bottoms just replied!

There does that make you happy Dave?

Or, here’s another theory Roy. You and your buddy Raymond know who I really am but do not care, as it suits you better to pretend I’m Dave Bottoms so you can have an excuse to dump on him like you do OAHI and CAHPI.

I only put forward that theory because I have to admit it’s difficult for me to believe you both could be THAT stupid. On the other hand, it would come as no surprise, to me or anyone else here.


Norm, Dave ?

I could care less who you are,as long as you come here on our BB and respect NACHI first and foremost and our members.Apart from this, you are welcome here anytime!!

I’ll be honest with you ,sometimes I get a good laugh out of your posts.:smiley:

Dave makes us all laugh! He pleads his innocence but he has posted on the CAFE implying that he is not posting as Raymond Wand, Norm Bushman and Lloyd, and other identities on Nachi. Dave even provides the links to try and make his point, but everyone knows its Dave. Thats the big joke, everyone knows except Dave!

Dave you’da man!


Could care less who it is they all have pr oven themselves to be liars.
Go to court tell one lie and you have lost your creditability immediately . From then on the Judge looks very close at all your statements and is pretty well positive you are still lying.
I always tell the truth ,to bad Bill Dave, Gil, and all the rest do not too.
I wonder will we now get the rebutells from the proved liars.
Roy Cooke