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Good thing the guy is not in the inspection business…:smiley:

Or the writing business…:smiley:

Great find Bob unfortunately this still is the attitude of some agents .
They would just love to not have a home inspector in the house they are selling .

“Thompson notes you can avoid the fee of a home inspection by self-identifying major problems.”
I guess he he does all his own car repairs too
Roy Cooke

His advice may save $400.00 but better advice would be to list with comfree and hire a good HI. This would save $10,000.00 to $15,000.00.

I know a family that bought without an inspection and are now living in a motel because the house has been condemned. It has 100% MC o all surfaces in the basement and is full of mould.
You bet! Save $400.00 and loose your life savings. Good advice from a realtor. Dan’s the man.

Hold on now guys! He may be a good candidate for the CAPHI national certification programme. :mrgreen: </IMG>

This is pretty funny, the guy quoted is actually David Thompson, and if you go to his website at on his links page under Home Inspectors the only listing is CAHPI!

Click on the link and you end up on not
I’m not going to tell him are you?:wink:

Now he may be suggesting that they make sure the items they see are ok to them and if not, find another home and when they are ready to buy and put in a offer they then would have the $400.00 to get a home inspection, right!:roll:

Shhhh that could be another of Bill’s secrets.

Imagine how much one could save in insurance premiums by doing one’s own physical exams and by-pass surgery, etc…:roll: :roll: :roll:

Some people just don’t get it…:shock: :shock: :eek: :eek:

If you gentleman are going to continually mock and insinuate that my association is at fault here in any way, please at least get the acronym correct. It is CAHPI not CAPHI. Vern once again can’t get things right either. The Realtor had the correct acronym, but Vern as usual did not. As far as the web address, I think it’s best for all that the realtor got it wrong.

This realtor has said some very wrong things, but rather than trying to correct that, you have all chosen to try to somehow connect CAHPI to it. My goodness, just how desparate are you people?

Bill Mullen RHI
CAHPI Past President
National Certificate Holder #NCA00001

Gee to use your words Bill we where not talking to you but since you are here we all know you never make a mistake .
So then This is the new CAHPI web site I guess seems as how your old one was under repair some one must have goofed .](

**]( the Web:

Cost Accounting Standards
Ca Domain Name
Arts College
Off Course we at NACHI know we are not perfect and do make mistakes but this is not one of them .
Try this your self. Click and see your new web site
Home Inspection

Canadian Association of Home Inspectors

Happy New year to Bill and Carol
Roy Cooke A happy NACHI Member

A full apology and lets start over would be a good way to go

I accept your apology but I doubt that will end your nonsense.

The CAHPI website ends in .ca not .com The site you have dragged out there has nothing to do with CAHPI, but I’m sure you will feel that it’s still CAHPI’s fault that the realtor made the mistake.

Once again your attempt to ridicule me and CAHPI is based on your failure to get the facts straight.

Bill Mullen

Gee how upset you get when you make an error .
Not the best way to go through life .
I enjoy ever minute of every day and try to help all ,all the time .
Try it Bill it will make you feel great .
Life is so short to treat all so bad .
To Bad you can not put Nick on your BB , some might find out what a great fine gentleman he is .
Not so opinionated as some we all know .
It is to bad some are so petrified of NACHI and how some show it
Roy Cooke Happy like all NACHI members are

I invite you to please show me where I made an error? I’m not upset, Roy, I’m just having a lot of trouble trying to follow your reasoning.

You are forever reaching conclusions and stating them as fact when you know full well they are untrue.

This has been a total waste of my time as usual.

Roy, quit making things up so I can just stay away from this place.

Bill Mullen

Posting inaccurate facts in an effort to discredit others is very helpful indeed, Roy. Thanks a bunch.

Norm :roll:

Let him be, Bill. He’s a bald faced liar and can’t help himself. Anyone with half a brain can see right through his bullsh it.


Bill Mullen

Gee Bill I pay to be a member here this is our BB .
You can remove people from Your BB but fortunatly you have little control over the NACHI BB quit making things up so I can just stay away from this place.
You seem to enjoy it a lot too and we welcome you .
Nice to see you use your own Name . I saw Mr Dave having a look but as per usual he was using his ( XXXXX ) name .
Glad to have you come over Bill I do hope some day we can comunicate properly but as you have said you have no use for me .
Come agan when you can stay and see what A great bunch we have here .
Roy Cooke .
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Yeah Bill, you sure come here a lot. You’ve got what, like 83 posts. And Roy’s got 3,373 under his latest user name. He had more than that under the last user name he was using. The funny thing is, I bet 90% of Roy’s posts involve bawling and crybabying over CAHPI, OAHI, or his buddy Dave Bottoms–when he’s not busy calling women vindictive bitches, that is. \:D/:lol::lol::lol:

Norm :wink:


What happen in OAHI? Confession is good for the soul! :mrgreen:

OAHI removed all mention of your name from their discussion board even your innocuous posts, they didn’t even mention the posts had been removed. No traces no tails. Very bad image Dave. Bad for credibility, bad for your image. I guess no more special treatment for you Dave! As I have said before you have no idea how you have aided and abetted the cause of freedom of association and free thought your pulpit has been terminated. :stuck_out_tongue: