We could use some help (BC)

There has been alot of negative comments on NACHI (Canada) the past couple of days. I have been asked by several of my real estate members if I am truly qualified. I am tired of being accused of not being qualified etc. I do believe we need the NACHI heads to help us with this issue. This is going to be a big step for us as an association in the very near future!!!

Terry Lowe


I forgot to thanks, also if you have any ideas give me ring.

Thanks again

It would be a good idea to start putting testimonials together from your past inspections. Always give out a rating comment sheet to your clients. I give them out with a self addressed stamped envelope and find the return to be excellent if this is done. If you have a website add this on your website. Consider putting together and adding a mission statement while you’re at it. You could also consider further training to compliment your NACHI certification. It will all go a long way to add more credibility to a profession this is full of posers doing home inspections with a clipboard and flashlight.

Don’t count on it, according to them it is all good publicity for NACHI.

If I were you, I would start selling myself and stop selling being “NACHI Certified”.

You took the AHIT course, from what I hear that is a good selling point. Do you have a construction back ground? Another selling point.

I have been a member of Cahpi and NACHI, and I have decided to stay away from all of them and concentrate on selling me. That is what matters.

These guys aren’t going to come to your rescue, that’s for sure.

I find it so strange how some try so hard to convince others how bad the Home Inspectors associations are .
They seem to keep comming back to see what we are doing and saying .
They seem to like to gain information but not want to share much of their knowledge.
If for no other reason then this BB then I feel the Cost of membership in NACHI is well invested .
Having been to many of the various meeting I always see where my knowledge has been increased.
OAHI and the rest of the CAHPI associations most certainly add to their members knowledge.
I do not see how a home inspector on his own can get the information that is freely traded here on this BB.
I sorry for these outsiders and their selfish opinions about this and other Associations.
The worst is still better the no association .
I have belonged to a home inspectors association since 1999 and am not the least bit disappointed and am approaching close to 100 meetings attended.

Roy Cooke A HAPPY NACHI Member

Yes Roy, we all know how much you love NACHI and hate OAHI/CAHPI. That is all you ever talk about. Give it a rest already.

Once in a while you should look outside the four walls around you. There is a whole world out there waiting to be explored.

Last time I checked, this was a free country and I am free to give my opinion. Just as you are free to constantly talk about OAHI/NACHI blah blah blah.

Do you have anything constructive to add to the original poster’s question?
Do you have first hand knowledge of what is happening in our market out here?

Thought not.

You come into our home run down NACHI try and say things about that I did not say .
We do not mind in the least non members using and learning from the experienced Home Inspectors on the NACHI BB.
You are most welcome .
But to be a member of NACHI for a short period and know all about it ( You sound just like that other Know it all about ZIP ) ( Dave Bottoms )
He is 8 + years and still has not completed 150 inspections.
Why don’t you tell us how well you are doing at home inspections and how you only work at home inspections and do not have another job.
You said you left OAHI as you where not satisfied .
Well why are you not telling the OAHI members what is wrong with their association .
At least I give my full name and address when I voice my thoughts .
Why do you find it necessary to shoot and hide .
What is the name of you company .
Do you still live inthe Guelph area ?.
There is nothing wrong being a part time Home Inspector but please do not try and come into our home and say how wrong we are and how right you are .
The last I heard I think you where doing Gutters.
Fine I do not fault a person for doing waht they need to do to make a living .

Roy Cooke A Happy NACHi Member

Well, that was mature Roy.

I don’t talk about OAHI because this is not an OAHI board.

I am not hiding from anything, obviously you know who I am, and why would I post my address? Are you coming to visit me over the holiday season?

Why are you attacking me? Is that your answer to everyone who does not agree with you?

You certainly give alot of reason to join this fine org. Roy, keep up the good work.

Can we get back to the original poster question’s, or do you want to belittle me a little more?

Attack you No I am just defending our Association .
You come into our home complain and add nothing .
I am sure you wander and Glad for you, learn enjoy, but please give us the respect we deserve.
You are a visitor and it would be great iof you treated us like we deserve .
If you do not like it then stay away.
NACHI is far from perfect but better then all the rest.
Again I say this is our home and if as you say I run doen OAHI, so what, is is none of your business.
For your information I have nothing against OAHI and its members .
I am against the BOD not following their rules .
I am against CAHPI and their self appointed policy of trying to control all the Canadian Home Inspectors .
Again you feel it is your right to ask us questions.
But when you get asked any questions you just evade.
I ask you again please respect our Home .
Treat us just like you would expect a visitor to do in your home .


Whatever. You don’t get it.

Movin’ on.

Good idea.

For once we agree . Movin on

Roy Cooke A Happy NACHI member

You’re welcome.

Jason said:

Since when was there any form of restriction on this board? You can discuss anything on any matter, hell you can even threaten someone and not be suspended.

If you want to be believed and be factual the first thing to do would be to use your full name and fill out your profile. Otherwise you are just a pretender and wannabe who has nothing to say! :wink: God knows there are enough wannabes here! :frowning:

Terry posted:

Hello! Get in line. I have been trying to raise this flag for quite awhile. Apparently it has been falling on deaf ears. No one has offered anything or done anything. Good Luck! If you are concerned and you feel your livelihood is question, take action, protect your own interests, because Nachi is not going to do it!

NACHI the proverbial door mat!

On the OAHI renewal form (2007) which states the following…

  1. I acknowledge that I have not been performing paid home inspections, advertising same or using the names, Ontario Association of Home Inspector, OAHI, CAHPI-Ontario, Registered Home Inspector, RHI, or their logos. **I further agree not to use Certified Home Inspector or CHI as indicated by my initials herewith.

Very strange request seeing as the by-laws have no force or effect on the request. Also the by-laws don’t grant the power for OAHI to enforce what they are asking members to sign!

I guess this is another indication that Nachi and those that wish to hold dual memberships will not be tolerated by OAHI contrary to what Claude and posse say, via the National, which is suppose open and fair, and an open to any inspector of any association.

Ok Roy, here is your chance to shine.

Ray just said the same thing I did, why don’t you start attacking him now?

No? That’s what I figured.

Again, you know who I am.

And judging by your last comment on NACHI - why would I want to advertise my full name and company here? Doesn’t seem like the most intelligent thing to do. Wouldn’t you agree?:wink:

Sorry I have not had a chance to read Rays Post but lets assume he says exactly the same as you well to me that is OK.
Remember this too is Raymond’s Home you are a visitor and most visitors understand proper etiquette.
When in some one’s home I will treat it and them with respest .
If you do not like it here then why do stay.
Here is a good example of a person who is not an NACHI member and how he tries to help only never discuses NACHI concerns.
Visitors like Pierre Belarge are always welcome in our home.
I would say read a few of his post’s

Roy Cooke

Sorry I have not had a chance to read Rays Post but lets assume he says exactly the same as you well to me that is OK.


**So, what you’re saying is that the only thing separating a valid poster from one who is not is $289.00 (U.S.D. of course)?:slight_smile: :roll: **

High standards Roy, solid argument you have there. Again, look outside your own four walls once in a while.

When in some one’s home I will treat it and them with respest .


What’s respest?