The Small House Movement. Please proof this new inspection article.

The Small House Movement.

This seems like a good idea that will work in areas without deed restrictions. In my neighborhood, for example, the minimum SF allowable is 3000.

Nice article Nick.

Does living in a van near the river count?

Ok, that’s funny! :smiley:

But no restriction on allowing simple minded buyers.

Ok Frank, I’m sorry if I ever offended you. You can stop stalking me now.

Where’s Mike Larsen defending the little guy’s freedom to do what he wants even if it’s having a 2,000 sq ft home???

Losing those freedoms 1by1!!!

I am right here numbnuts.

And you can build whatever you want. BUT

When you buy land it sometimes comes with covenants.

No one is forcing you to buy in that area.

You can buy into any neighborhood and the next thing you know some stalker or numnut will move right in next door, I am just sayin’. Just ask your neighbor.:wink:

You can’t choose your neighbors…or your stalker.

Most people don’t even bother to read them Mike. Crazy some of the crap they put in there.

And who’s fault is that?

There is a very high end gulf course community near me.

You are not allowed to leave bikes, play toys etc. where they are visible from the street.

The place always looks very nice on a drive through and that is exactly what the developer wanted and apparently the residents wanted.

It’s not for everyone but I understand why some might prefer it that way.

Yes, that is what I have said. The problem with neighborhood homeowners associations is- if the HOA fails the neighborhood fails. With that being said it is much wiser to buy into one that has been well established for several years. Buying into a new neighborhood with an HOA is a risky investment.

Another problem is when buying in neighborhoods that have the sf restrictions is that most younger home buyers will buy too much and over extend them selves, that just one reason we are were we are in the housing market today. Neighborhoods all over are failing and they look like ghost towns. The few resident’s that remain cant even sell there home. The builder is belly up also.

Yes, HOA’s are great:

Best to pick a small town that is serious about there code enforcement.