Tiny Homes

Today I attended the Tiny Home and Garden Show, it drew in hoards of people. People were astounded, “This is the way of the future!” What amazes me is the amount of people who apparently have never seen a camper trailer.
I took the time, fought the crowds to talk to the builders. Turns out most of them don’t adhere to any specific code. One builder was more than happy to boast that his “homes” meet RV travel trailer code: NFPA 1192. Did I mention his “tiny house” was the only one there with insulation? Guess what. I have a camper from the 90’s that does too.
My part of California is allowing these things to serve as residences, so I’m wondering if we should start including these in with our inspections, maybe add a chapter to our studies about it?thumbs_01.jpgthumbs_05.jpgthumbs_08.jpg


Makes the future look downhill.

This is part of Obama Care. You don’t care as long as you lower your expectations.

I actually thought about building these on perm foundations once upon a time when I was considering becoming a general but not much market here in Kansas where housing is cheap and land is plenty.