Eco-Friendly or "Green-Built" Homes

Does anyone do alot of these, or specialize in them?

Alot of them around here.

Very few of them here. If you are doing a lot of them you may want to subscribe to a magazine titled “Smart Homeowner”. It caters to the Eco-Friendly and crunchy granola crowd. I got a sub for a few years and it has some interesting articles. I let it expire. You can practically get the entire magazine online at their website without all the advertisements. Check it out.

Thanks boifren!!! :wink:

Love it. Yes, we have the entire granola crowd up here. Not Shelton, but the Port Townsend-Sequim area. Witches and health nuts. :smiley:

I’m thinking of building an earthship. It’s more likely to be passed by the permits board and I can just go around harvesting tires. :wink:

You will probably want to make yurself a bottle tree. They hang soda bottles by strings or stuck onto the limbs in trees so when the wind blows it makes a spooky sound and keeps the hobgoblins and other imps, gremlins and geeks out of the yard by capturing them inside the bottles. Looks like Fido’s behind but there you go. You have to sacrifice class for safety sake.

Wow! I never knew you could be so much help Doug! :wink:

I’ll have to get started on that tree right away. I wondered why those spooks were flying around the bedroom. :wink:

Here you go.

Hey, that’s actually pretty cool looking.

I love the bottle walls in some of these homes. Beautiful. Almost like stained glass, only cheaper and more eco-friendly. :slight_smile: