The Sound of Freedom

These people are sick. #SaveTheChildren

It’s easy to see how this didactic vision of a demonic global network of powerful child predators keys directly into QAnon folklore—and how the ironclad moral certainty of Ballard and his allies reflects back the deliriums of apocalyptic redemption now convulsing the conspiracy-minded American right. In its conventional thriller storytelling—which resembles the schematic vigilantism of late-career Liam Neeson transported into the longest imaginable episode of Law and Order: SVUSound of Freedom serves chiefly to offer action-film catharsis, replete with drug-compound raids and gunfire-heavy car chases, as the solution of first resort to the world’s debilitating plagues of darkness and sadness.

Save your money as it sounds like a Crock of Shit. :rofl:

Do you let others make all decisions for you?

Only ped0s don’t want people to see this movie which exposes child sex trafficking. Based on the true story of a man that quit his federal job just months shy of his retirement to save children from the child sex slave industry.

Once praised by the MSM…

Now hack media and paid trolls try to call it “QAnon conspiracy”, which is truly comedic, since the movie was shot 5 years ago. Years before “QAnon conspiracy” became a DS spin only a few years ago. :rofl:


May God give them what they deserve.

Amen to that! :innocent: :partying_face: :smirk:


pedo joe working his BS…

IF YOU’RE NOT IN THE WAY… YOU’RE PART OF THE PROBLEM. Just look at the repies in this thread. #SaveTheChildren :point_up_2:
Jesus loves me… :innocent: :rofl: :partying_face: :smirk:

That’s a fact. FJB and lil FJB.
Jesus loves me… :football: :innocent: :eye:




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Good news? This failure has been tasked with taking your guns/self defense away.

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Only pedos don’t want you to see the blockbuster movie. Just look at the replies above in this thread.