The things you find in crawlspaces

This bottle has been in the crawlspace longer than I’ve been alive!


Maybe that was mine! :innocent:

Someone was celebrating Eisenhower’s re-election! :crazy_face:

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We find old liquor and medicine bottles in houses in downtown Charleston all the time. Some people collect them…I have a few on my table right now that I don’t know what do do with…my son’s a plumber and he brings them home sometimes…


Sell them on Etsy :grin:

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naw…they’ll stay on my counter until I die and then my children will throw them away just to get rid of all the junk I’ve collected over the years…Isn’t that how it’s done?


That’s how I do it. Plus, I kept all the stuff they left behind when they moved out because I want to be sure they will eventually have to move it themselves.


You’re a darned genius…

You never know what you may find. Off topic, but I found this Bruce Springsteen poster hanging on a thrift store wall. Paid $6.50 for it. Sold it for??? Want to guess??


There’s a beach along Brooklyn in NY that’s referred to as “bottle beach”, a part of Dead Horse Bay. In the 50’s someone decided it would be a good idea to use glass recycling & garbage as backfill to extend an area of land and cover it with soil. Well it didn’t work and now you can find huge amounts of really good condition old glass bottles on the shore during certain times of the day.

My friend found an intact old glass IV jar (something like this) once, among dozens of other cool artifacts.

Unfortunately it was closed indefinitely in 2020 because they discovered some radioactive military waste on the shore :grimacing:

A handshake and free delivery?


I found this old Beatles promo poster at a thrift shop for $10. I wanna get a nice shadow box frame for it eventually.

I had never seen it before, apparently an album cover from an England only LP. Interested story behind it:

Yesterday and Today is remembered primarily for the controversy surrounding its original cover image. Known as the “butcher cover”, it was taken by photographer Robert Whitaker and shows the band dressed in white coats and covered with decapitated baby dolls and pieces of raw meat. Although the photo was intended to be part of a larger work critiquing the adulation afforded the Beatles, the band members insisted it was a statement against the Vietnam War. Others interpreted it as the Beatles protesting the record company’s policy of “butchering” their albums for the North American market. In response to retailers’ outrage at the gory subject matter, Capitol immediately withdrew the LP and replaced the cover image with a shot of the band posed around a “steamer” trunk.


That is a nice find. If it is an original promotional poster, it could be worth some big $$$. I took a quick look on eBay and saw one, presumably original, asking over $4k for it. I’m very familiar with the “butcher” and “trunk” cover albums. I was given around 200 lp’s a few years ago with probably 10 to 12 Beatles albums. One being “Yesterday and Today” “Trunk” cover. Did a lot of research to see if it was a overlay of the butcher, but it turned out to be one of the first printings of the true “trunk” cover. Still think I got around $65.00 for the album.

I far as my Bruce Springsteen poster, I put it on eBay auction starting at $35.00. Was contacted the same day from a guy in Germany that offered $100.00 for it and I thought Hmmmm? Let me see how this auction plays out. Ended up selling for $475.00


Holy cow, good for you! And thanks, I will look into that.

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