The usual hard EVIDENCE on why, where many chimneys leak

nah man, we don’t lie to homeowners like the interior drainage system morons do. If you give a shtt about these people then fairly often an honest sob will take the TIME and have the experience to do a water test with a stupid fkkg hose to PROVE where some or all of the water is actually entering and how to STOP it from entering, not allow it in and try n divert it… shttttttttttt, THAT crap is not waterproofing

duh result…

don’t be a scamming penis in basement waterproofing

another leaky chimney, hard evidence on why, where the stupid azz water is FIRST ENTERING!!! smfh

the estimate a couple weeks ago

the result, e-v-i-d-e-n-c-e aka proof, which is NOT what ya get from interior system terds

the JOB yesterday, exterior cracks and some other openings allowed water in, there’s ONE fix n you see it ya lil …

and yeah this 90 yr old sweet lady also had some wide open deteriorated mortar joints above ground which we fixed for free

wellllllllllllllllll, i didn’t think ya had it in ya…
i’m your huckleberry
… play for blood remember?

i was just foolin’ about…
…i wasn’t lolllllllllllllllllll the look on Johny Ringo’s face, he knows he is fkd, time to die


Hey Mark, glad to see you back! Great video’s as usual

thank you Joe, hope you are well man!

There isn’t a home inspector alive in this universe that would purposefully run water into a seller’s foundation to prove to the buyer where it leaks. In fact I think that was addressed in the Book of Revelations, right after the red horse appears.


per running a water test, all i do is recreate a rain event (hate that word), only difference is nothing above grade gets wet. I don’t cause anymore ‘harm’ lol than a good rain.

i’ve seen, talked to, did water tests for quite a few honest-fair-sellers who DID want to know why-where their chimney/basement really leaked so that they could fix it before selling, they didn’t want any possible hassle, lawsuit .

sure, some sellers don’t care and want to kick the can down the road n will attempt to hide existing problems/defects with their house or lol, prefer to spend 2.99 on some cheap O supposed repair just so they can claim they repaired problem pfft

sellers here did not disclose anything on prior leaks in basement, they painted walls imo a weak, CHEAP attempt to hide, conceal existing foundation wall cracks etc

and every now n then an existing leaky basement may just be from something like this