A nice example video of how easily some home inspectors or engineers could get screwed with false claims, incompetence

that’s right… 2 videos, 1st is :25 long and other about 1:30, ya have the time? lol

Homeowner got screwed again, yeah another interior drainage system twat, and see the corner and down low/bottom blocks… do you see any CRACK in the wall? No.

So let’s say a seller told you this video was their basement and they get water in sometimes at near the corner coming from the very bottom of the wall, where the wall meets the basement floor…WATCHA do, recommend? GRADING? Long downspout ext’s? Drylok? lol … all wrong and could get you in trouble.

Now outside video of same corner…WATCHA see out here?
I see EXISTING cracks, existing defects in the foundation wall that was allowing water to penetrate the wall and could cause mold, efflorescence, spalling etc, damn skippy

If you were to recommend ANYTHING then it should have been exterior waterproofing, had you the experience that is… not shtting on ya just stating the obvious. Right, say nothing and tell seller, contact an honest experienced waterproofing contractor or if there are none lol, may not be… an engineer or a home inspector who may have previous hands-on experience in basement waterproofing

By the way, the exterior waterproofing we did here plus the cost of the city permit was a couple hundred $$ LESS than the installation of that piece of shit, scamball partial interior basement drainage system

some HI’s, realtors, engineers and interior system bubbleheads after looking at the basement leaks and foundation wall INSIDE will say crap like, “Oh no cracks etc in foundation wall so we recommend mudjacking driveway slabs or caulking perimeter or raising n sloping the grade or all ya need is an interior drainage system”, right? Based on what they saw on the inside which is, ONLY 1/2, a partial view of a foundation wall. of the overall situation

I’m gonna say, see judge, see the exterior cracks, deterioration, holes etc? That is where the water was getting in and the deterioration etc would have easily got worse if not waterproofed.
So because of lack of hands-on experience, overall knowledge of foundation walls and waterproofing they mislead the homeowner with the recommendations of re-grading, or mudjacking slabs etc or with INT system co’s bullshit, they lied to homeowner for self-gain.

yep I’m gonna keep yapping lol

so when you folks ‘inspect’ a roof, do you only inspect, look at, the inside of the roof/attic and make your observation n write up based on that? that would be incompetent, stupid.

same applies to foundation walls. Most things that screw up a wall are on the outside of the wall, the outside of foundation walls is pretty dang important, apparently some here don’t think so, don’t get-it, okay fine.

on the inside of this basement wall you’ll see some cracks, mostly hairline, not the first one ya see in video, it was patched over, someone tried to ‘doctor’ the crack, the wall, to fool you, and some get fooled.

So, just add more soil outside and grade away? Homeowner already tried that.
What else ya got, long downspout ext’s?
What else, a shallow exterior frenchie drain lol, oh boy.

How about when tree roots are up against a foundation wall and caused crack (s) and then water began to enter, or in some of our other videos roots growing right INTO the cracks, just leave the cause there, let shit get worse, allow water to penetrate the wall? Just re-grade huh? Okie dokie