Cracks, exterior openigs above grade don't allow water in basement?

Sure they do, more proof from earlier today lol.
We waterproofed the exterior chimney walls 1 year ago, have had lots of rain here in MI since, homeowner has not got a drop in until last rain a few days ago, he called and of course thought it was the chimney wall(s), yeah like we missed something, we went over there this morning to find the existing problem/pathway where water got in… head joint, dig?

Nachi’s own Mr Bazzo ref’d us to this homeowner, he’s a good guy, nice family.

Several points here but just touch on couple for now,
FIND, identify your ACTUAL problem (s)… and sometimes that means taking the dang TIME to do so!
Put your games down for a few hours, they’ll still be there when your butt is done.

See, IF I was one of the many INT drainage system morons or an exterior butt-brain contractor then I could have easily made up a story or 5 to tell this guy and any others why they need more waterproofing or an INT dumb azz system… that is exactly what happens. Yeah could have said his drain tiles to going away from the chimney must now be clogged or busted etc since we were there and needs more EXT waterproofing or again, a piece of junk INT water-diverting system $$$, could have dreamed up other lies, ya folla?

Sometimes, if your know wtf your doing, what to look for in order to find how/where the water could be getting in you can save yourself, or homeowners quite a bit of stinky green $… unless your a con artist as I said.

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A builder told me that if you dig up the old foundation water will penetrate that new fill and find its way inside, not where it’s waterproofed but other areas. Any comments?

lol the builder is entirely full of shtt, doesn’t know what he’s talking about on this subject.

Builders are the ones who don’t even bother to waterproof the exterior walls, builders are the ones who backfill with the same on-site soil against foundation walls, often that is expansive clay soil and so you’ll believe the same builders when they incompetently claim water will penetrate new fill and find its way inside? If that were true, Capizzo const, Stremersch waterproofing, Clark waterprofing, myself and a handful of others would have been outta business a loooong time ago, lol , homeowners would have called all of us shortly after we waterproofed, say 1 wall, because according to builder-nutts, homeowners would have leaked elsewhere. How is it possible we’ve done thousands of “exterior corners, exterior corner cracks” in F-walls and homeowners don’t leak anywhere else for decades i’ll start with this.

here’s a guy we did 20 years ago, we were doing/waterproofing his sisters house in Detroit, one of my guys did the video

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short video, watch the video or you’ll never understand, ya dig? last one for now lol, so are you Chris and your supposed builder buddy telling everyone to leave these crack (in video!) OPEN, and leave the expansive clay soil and underground roots against the walls?

Do NOTHING about this and INSTEAD, install a piece of crap water diverting/drainage system and sump pumps? Well hellllllllllllllllllo, homeowners HERE in video already spent BIG money $$ on an interioir drainage system and sump pump and wall anchors and still leaked!!! smffffh