The 'walk and talk' lol what's this crap? Says home inspection

on his shirt etc but in video he says it’s not a home inspection loll

1:20… “DUH walk n talk is really to find big ticket items in a QUICK amount of time, quick pace, it’s not a full home inspection”

2:05 ‘but you’ll have a HIGH LEVEL view of the house’

EH, what’s the damn rush bro?

i mean lollll quite a few HI’s do not find the real reason(s) why there is water intrusion in basements or what caused foundation wall crack in 3-4 hours and now some wanna go… quicker, really?

get a good Nachi inspector people and let them do, what they do smfh

then we have some REALTORS who hahahahaa, want to give YOU advice-tips on how to keep basements dry smgdh, there’s thousands of these videos on youtube etc n they ALL say n shuffle around the SAME stupid nonsense, am tired of this crap lolll yep

sure she’s nice lady, doesn’t mean she knows sqqqqquat about why basements really leak sheesh

:10 ‘home inspectors will often go back to basics ( lol???) and say you need to ensure that rain runs away from your house’, same rookie crapOLa that does NOTHING to correctly identify how-where-why stupid basements leak

Says, 'the first thing to do is go outside n make sure your eavestroughs R clean…

Not me, you can, and many will lollllllllllll

If i get water in my stupid basement i will look for friggin EXT openings like crack in wall, rod holes or is water first entering basement at the TOP of the dumb az basement wall or, some of the obvious possibilities such as a basement back up or leaky plummbing fixture etc — i will NOT put my lil slippers on and go outside and look at stupid crap like gutters or downspout extension or the dumb az grade etc, NON-----centzzzz man sheesh lollll

sht, maybe i’ll start a , walk n talk and fart leaky basement inspection service

The fellow in the video is quite sincere, undoubtedly knows his stuff, and doesn’t deserve the gratuitous insult. There’s not enough information to comment on the value of the walk-and-talk style of home inspection, but it’s reasonable to assume that if it’s priced fairly and the only option is the walk-and-talk or nothing, it could save the buyer from grossly overpaying for a house that needs a new roof, a/c, pool resurfacing, exterior painting, etc–say to the tune of $50k when added together. I get the impression there is no written report, which I’d think would leave the inspector wide open for a shake down. Just my two cents.

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lolll yeah okay Dan, sincere 4 sure

The world doesn’t revolve around basement leaks. Your stuff is usually excellent and you’d do yourself and everyone else a great favor if you’d keep it professional and not personal.


“There’s not enough information to comment on the value of the walk n talk”…:

Well Dan, the info provided in video in part said, he/they’ll find big ticket items in a quick amount of time… and i simply ask, REALLY? And i asked what’s the rush?
Why are the Q’s an insult to you and somebody else?

Why not just get a full home inspection n find out all you can with more time, what is soooo wrong about that?

And again i’ll ask, how will one get a “HIGH LEVEL view of a house” in a quick amount of time? Isn’t more time better Dan?

Are you going to do a better, more thorough home inspection and have more of an opportunity to catch big ticket items in 3 to 4 hours Dan or in 15–30 minutes?

i obviously underfkgstand they may catch some problems in a quick amount of time but why if someone’s bid is accepted then why not get a full, LONG home inspection… that’s my point, what is the rush

—Then Dan tosses an insult lolll, 'The world doesn’t revolve around basement leaks"

Oh gee, thanks for that big ticket information Dan!
I post shtt about leaky basements n bowed in walls n mold n efflorescence because duhhh, that’s what i do AND lolll quite a few home inspectors MISS shtt or are incompetent on this subject, So you found a lil time to insult me on this post but i don’t remember you saying, Hey Markieeeee good stuff, good post-video on bowed in wall that can help some homeowners or some HI’s spanning 16 years on here. I have SINCERELY tried helping peeps for free, for a long g dang time but again i don’t recall you or Mr Hull and others saying anything decent about it

And this walk n talk post wasn’t personal, i don’t know the guy , i never said the guy sucked as a home inspector… again, i asked simple azz Q’s about his walk n talk, getting all exxxcited over lil if anything imo, fkg wow

hmmm, you get impression there is no written report… sht i have no idea but if there is no written report it seems that would allow an inspector off duh hook about WHATEVER he says, claims in the walkie talkie quick pace inspection… EH? lollll smgdh

Ya know, the late great Dale Duffy always welcomed good info, facts and notta once did Dale sht on me and my posts as i bithhhhhhhhhhed about the scamming interior basement system shttHOLES who blatantly LIE to homeowners and scam them out of big money every g damn day, Dale welcomed all of it.

On the other hand, there’s at least 10 nachi members who hate me n my posts. looll

Miss you Mr Duffy, Mr Cooke as well, n then Mr Macy and some others

some Nachi members ‘get-it’ like Dale, Marcel, Mike B, Jeff J, Larry, Jim Mac, Goldie, Joe De, Brian and so on and some others do NOT lolll either it’s incompetence on this subject or possibly they are, have been in-bed with one of more INT system companies and possibly getting kickbacks for recommendations, yyyyyep! In other damn words, they do not like, care for Markie and Markie’s posts

They’ve been gracious enough to waive my shtty writing skillzzz lol i guess maybe because the information n videos provided outweighs the crap, they see it can help some who seek the facts, ya dig? Said before n i’ll say again, im not changing the way i post for anybody, not for the HI’s who hate me, not for the INT system crooks including Dan the empty beer cans man etc… change for peeps who hate me??? hahahhaa Never.

Professional??? Ha! On the job, on estimates in THIS business you won’t find a more professional and HONEST m-scratcher ya lil biicthhes

if i was a Nachi HI who saved this homeowner $14,000 - 25,000 and posted a similar video showing it, i’d likely get high fives from 20 - 40 others, but since many here hate me LOOLOLLLLL (i kind of dig that!) i won’t get much love for saving this homeowner… AND many, many others ten’s of thousands

homeowner is Rick from Sterling Heights MI, he had alot more negative things to say about the INT company that isn’t in the stupid video - so do some Nachi members think it’s A-okay for INT system co’s to lie and scam homeowners every g d day? IMO, apparently so as they rarely if ever speak out against these crooks

the POINT in the video is, agggggain lolll, interior basement drainage systems are liars, crooks… i don’t post the friggin video for self gain but sht man, i can’t help when homeowners tell the truth in a video

I just want to know what to type into the toob to find all these videos :smiley:

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Here in Florida… No basements, so there’s that.

And… Walk & Talk inspections should uncover big-ticket stuff, but I have personally found over the years that the only way I would do them today is for a seller prior to listing so that they can see what a buyers inspector will discover during the course of a full home inspection. This way they can be prepared.

The reasons to not perform Walk & Talk inspections once a home has gone to contract are numerous, but here is a few.

  • Too many interested parties to satisfactorily inform
  • Usually requested by low-budget buyers purchasing lower-end properties with numerous defects
  • Here in Florida most homes require insurance inspection reports to close so written documents are required

My experience says this type of inspection is low-profit potential and more trouble than it’s worth, give it a shot and see for yourself.