"The water has rusted the reinforcing steel"

Missouri governor and legislators see water damage in basement of state capitol

So, put an interior drainage system in here, such as waterguard and cover/hide the walls with some plastic or other garbage? #-o

And block foundation walls, put interior basement drainage systems in and and leave exterior cracks OPEN so further water can enter, cause mold, efflorescence?

Allow blocks and joints to deteriorate further? Just install an interior basement system and sump pump huh? looooool RIP OFF’s, misrepresentations!

To prevent RODENT entry (Mickey Mouse etc)… “take special care to LOCATE and SECURE ALL structural crevices” (duh, see photos above that NO interior basement system repairs/waterproofs)
…“Rats can burrow straight down into the ground at least 36 inches”

“Failure to keep mortar joints in good repair permits WATER to penetrate…which can result in damage… even mortar joints that don’t appear badly deteriorated may permit large volumes of water to enter the wall…”

above ground through mortar joints OR… below ground through joints between block etc walls, uh huh

See some joints and block where pipe goes through block wall. NO interior basement drainage system and sump pump repairs/waterproofs ANYTHING like this on the exterior of basement walls or above basement walls
http://picasaweb.google.com/101049034584960315932/Crawlspace#5540665152223083138 This wall is also bowed in, so slapping some carbon fiber or wall anchors on the inside a) doesn’t repair any–all of the exterior cracks, mortar joints and deteriorated blocks b) doesn’t stop further water from penetrating c) doesn’t remove, relieve, reduce any exterior pressure–weight against the wall

Somebody got talked into basement wall anchors here.
The cause(s) of the cracks water in basement, mold etc is…on the outside of the wall!
So why spend big $$ on these wall anchors that do NOT remove, relieve any exterior cause and most certainly the wall anchors and any interior system installed would not have stopped further water intrusion into the basement, C’’’’'mon!

Beams and interior junk applied here… homeowner out over $5,500 and has same/worse problems beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeecause, the scamming moron inside company is either totally incompetent and–or, didn’t give one sht and simply wanted to sell homeowner the dumb az crap they do

Some home inspectors recommend inside system companies, really?
Well, they are either getting kickbacks $$$$ or they too are incompetent, dang skippy!