Then we have situations like this (flooding)

Basement flooding, water is not going DOWN duh floor drain(s) and water is coming UP through duh toilet and shower drain yet most interior basement system companies will still try and bullshtt homeowners into installing an interior system that would NOT solve/snake/replace the likely cause(s)… as in the js online article below

“City sewer system was not built to handle that much water in a short period of time…”
…“The massive amount of water seeped through cracks in the SEWER LATERALS and main pipes, THEN flowed BACK into homes… any blockage in the laterals from homes to the main pipes compounded the problem. Kappel pegged clogged laterals as the cause of much of the basement flooding”

Eco Realty… 1:00 “We’re looking to WATERPROOF these walls…”

Dude, lool, installing an interior basement system does not waterproof any part of any wall nor will it stop–prevent MOLD of those walls, sheesh… its the same old uneducated, incompetent shtt.