Basement flooding, roots, clean-out, drain tiles etc

Happy waterproofing year! Got milk?

‘Basement flooding’
…‘may be (that’s, might be") the CAUSE of your basement flooding’
Tree roots etc can get into the lateral line and obstruct the flow of water trying to get OUT, can cause a back-up.

“Trouble occurs…when there is an exceptionally HEAVY rain… prevents the water from flowing…”

Yep agree wiff that.

If one scrolls down to, FOOTING DRAINS… ummm i disagree.
THEY say, “Most basements have a footing drain around the outside wall which is designed to collect ground water in the soil and KEEP IT from seeping through CRACKS in basement walls…when a basement develops leaks…it is OFTEN due to blockage or breakage of footing drains…”

Nope, sowy.

If they’re talking about the exterior drain tiles along the footing, which it umm seems they are, they’re wrong.

Those drain tiles laid along the footing (if they were laid correctly when dumb house was built), have ZERO to do with WHY there is a crack in a basement wall, or rod hole leak etc, and they can’t, don’t keep water away from the g dang crack/wall!!! geeez man.
Lookie… exterior drain tiles. There were hairline cracks in the parging so, THAT is why, that was where the water was entering and that water came into the basement ONLY at–along the floor–wall joint, the I joint, call it what you like.

By duh way, this homeowner already had/tried MUDJACKING all his driveway slabs in hopes the better pitch of those slabs would ummm, stop the water from getting in his basement.

The footing drains, drain tile… can at best… only ‘collect’ some water that GETS DOWN THERE!!!

And some of the water that does get down there does NOT all go into the stupid drain tiles, geeeezuz people, hello!

A lot of water goes into the stupid soil, expands the stupid soil, putting more soil pressure/weight against a basement wall… and those drain tiles do NOT relieve, eliminate soil pressure against a basement wall!!! dang man.

In duh meantime, when it rains or duh snow melts, it STARTS at duh…TOP!!
On long heavy rains clay or silty soil has… already become saturated BEFORE the water that starts at duh top/grade, gets down there!!!

It starts up high and then (umm gravity) it goes down and sideways. Yeah shtt, some of it may wind up getting into those drain tiles, waaay down low… butttt when a homeowner has a crack or rod hole etc in the basement wall, the water will find that…first, got dat? One shouldn’t guess and assume, fk no. FIND the problem(s)!!!
Just like here, another exxxxample…short video of a crack in basement wall and i show some of the dumb drain tiles down low…
This job, this crack and leaky basement was also UNDER concrete. Some think mudjacking poorly pitched slabs somehow, magically seals/waterproofs a crack in a basement wall or somehow seals a leaky rod hole in wall or somehow tuckpoints open-cracked mortar joints above a basement wall etc, NO.

If what this article and many, many others say is TRUE, then all my dumb azz would need to do would be to hand dig and just replace SUPPOSEDLY clogged or broken drain tiles!!! Wtttffff!!! loooooolllllllll
Duh umm, i guess we would dig and replace them and, ummmm, leave the crack open or, leave the rod hole open etc… and all those homeowners w/leaky basements would NOT leak again… REALLY???

Gee whizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzers, what if my dumb azz was hired to dig down and told by the city to only replace the supposed clogged, broken etc drain tiles butttttttttttt ummm, when we got down there, all the drain tiles were… FINE!!! Now what Mr Expert city inspector, huh? looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

And these interior basement system companies OFTEN say, use this incompetent BULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLSHTTTTTTTTTTTTTT about supposedly clogged exterior drains tiles that cause, create this supposed hydrostatic pressure, is allll FKKKKKK’d up baby! YES it is.

WHY the hlll has the real TRUTH been, throughout 35++ years of doing this stinkin job… that each and every leaky basement job we’ve done has ALWAYS had 1++ cracks or cracked parging in the basement wall and–or leaky deteriorated rod holes or, HOLES in the basement wall, actual holes in the damn wall (see photo below), or gaps, openings in-underneath door and basement window sills etc??? Few have had 1 or more clogged or broken exterior drain tiles, pfffffffffffffffffffffffft.
HOLE in basement wall below grade, bigger than the one’s in interior system butt=brains HEADS

Another hole, hey, does installing any interior basement system and sump pump seal/waterproof anything like this? And would that piece of shtt inside system stop further water from entering shttt like this? Nope, dream on.

What about this one? Ya TINK the exterior drain tiles had something do do with this too? looollll

Ummm, ya TINK the exterior drain tiles caused this root to crack the basement wall and caused the leaky basement?

Some dingbells are going to write about or tell homeowners that, as in this video, this leaky basement and MANY others was because of some stupppppid incompetent supposed clogged or broken exterior drain tiles?

Somehow, magically, broken or clogged drain tiles CAUSED the numerous cracks or other openings which then allowed water to get in the basement, REALLYYYYYY?
Well if that’s what some think and tell homeowners, then they’re all fk’d up on this subject and need to be sued, repeatedly.

Eh, happy DRAIN TILE year!!!