Flooding causes fish to go in homeowners basement, need worms

Huron Township… WXYZ Deeeeetwwwoit
1:55 it usually takes forever but at least someone admitted… “There ARE some blockages and failures in the pipe…” No shtt Sherlock, in quite a few cities duh!

Inspector Mark… Cleaning a sewer back flow valve, how to and why… good video Mr. Mark

‘Flooded basements’ doesn’t always mean a BACK–UP… part of MY problem with interior basement system buttheads is problems like this, they will talk homeowners into placing some sort of membrane (like delta or bright wall paneling etc) against the inside wall and then install an interior system

Just like this inside basement system company tried to do here with this young couples leaky basement… they bs’d them LIED TO them… see the black dimpled membrane they began putting up at 2:15

1:25—1:40 “So these guys were just going to COVER this with that BLACK MEMBRANE…”

Caption… 'They advised us (pffft advised, azz nine, incompetent, ignorant, fraudulent advise)… it HAD TO BE DONE from the INSIDE…We have since learned that this should have and can be done from the OUTSIDE"

Right! Butt as has been said 88 million times right cheer, these interior basement system terds, owners, salespeople etc are incompetent, negligent, fraudulent… they don’t care if you have or get MOLD or EFFLORESCENCE on inside walls (they cover the walls!!!) , they don’t care if cracks widen etc etc, they just want homeowners MONEY, sell sell sell the ONE STUPID thing they do/install which are dumb azz interior basement systems and sump pumps, sheeessh! They are NOT waterprooooooooooooooooooofing these basements!

How to catch worms…ummm catching nightcrawlers at…night, got milk?

One more VERY important thing/possible cause for a wet, flooded basement are broken or clogged LATERALS or, a problem on the CITY’s end (pump station etc) that interior basement systems don’t check, could care less about and do NOT fix/snake/replace…
Heavy rains overwhelm pipes, flood basements…
Under…‘Too much too quick’…
…'sewers are not built to handle that much water in a short period of time…the massive amount of water seeped through cracks in the sewer LATERALS and main pipes… any blockage in the LATERAL from homes to the main pipes compounded the problem… Kappel pegged CLOGGED LATERALS as the CAUSE much of the basement flooding"

Right! So installing an interior system and 49 sump pumps are NOT needed, you need to correctly identify/determine how/why/where the water enters! Sheesh. Many homeowners ONLY needed the lateral snaked… some will need part or all of the lateral replaced. And other times it’s a problem on the city’s end, not the homeowners.

BUTT again, interior system companies could care less, just sell sell sell that junk az system.

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