Water heater jackets...Question

Are they an acceptable item for residential construction? Or should
we recommend that the client remove them?


Lately, I have been reading more and more that they should be removed. Modern WH’s dont need them anyway.

My standard comment says:

Most of them that I see installed seem to be covering 15-20 year old water heaters, I may mention something about the WH jacket, but I also generally “pull away” jacket and confirm date. If they are as old as I think they are- they usually don’t have a smitty pan, are well beyond service life, may or may not be connected with rigid pipes as well… Meaning I’m usually going to mention to the client they should consider replacement prior to the current unit’s failing and likely making a “mess”.

This is not always a popular comment, but most of are there to inform our customers.

If I saw a Jacket on a newer WH, I’d make mention that it doesn’t or even shouldn’t be there as many manu’s have indicated their units don’t need them. If I wasn’t sure, it’s usually fairly easy to download a .pdf for a particular manu.


Thanks everybody

When you find them, which you will, they should be installed AFTER the seismic strapping has been installed. In other words (in California) they are to be installed on top of the straps.

They are useless here anyways.