Looking for IR camera

I hope to be in the market for a camera very soon. I have talked to John about options and pricing, but figured I would see if anyone was selling or knew of a good deal. I would like to stay with a TIR or a B Cam if possible. I would also like to try and stay at 4k and lower.

Sean… I have an excellent FLIR B2 for sale… and it comes with a 3,000 45degree lens. Its 4 years old 160X120 RES 2,800.00 Has the hard case and soft ware programs with 2 batteries…

If you go to one my web-site you can see images from the camera.



Ron, are you geting out of IR, if so why? or are you just upgrading?

So Sean does this mean you not going to call me anymore? Dang youngsters use you, never call never write! Great idea Sean you need one!

Ron, I am extremely interested in your camera if you still have it in about 3 weeks. I am waiting on w2, lol. If you could email me at ourobouros2k2@yahoo.com if you still have it in about 3 weeks.

If not, no worries, I likely will get a TiR. What’s the lowest non-nachi discount prices you guys have found? I got to demo one a week ago, and the screen clarity was amazing. I only wish it had a tripod mount and video out, but the quality was amazing. I was really impressed with the IR fusion as well, I thought it was going to be really gimmicky, but that wasn’t the case at all. The multiple IR transparencies really make the images “pop”. If I buy new, I will likely buy the TiR.


No way… :mrgreen: I just had Flir build me a NEW BX320… The B2 Has been my back up camera. So it need to go in prep for the next generation from flir.

The B2 Is a nice camera and still holds it own with the newer cameras and has more features the any of the lower end cameras under $5K PLUS IT HAS THE 45dEGREE LENS. If some one is going to do interior work you must have that 45Degree lens.



Wide angle is very nice, you can basically do your inspection 2x faster. The only problem with wide angle or telephoto on the new generation of cameras is you lose any fusion or pip abilities.


Not much of a loss when compared to time saved and ability to capture the entire scene in one image without having to stand at the other end of the house to do it. :slight_smile:

Did somebody have experience with new FLIR i7?

Since extech/flir discontinued the BCAM SD/ InfraCAM SD a little over a week ago, the i7 is the best you are going to get under 5k from Flir. They recommend going with the i40/b40 but 5k for 120x120 is insane and PIP/Fusion doesn’t justify dropping 5k on a 120x120 imager. Spend 4k on a TiR and you will be so much happier I think with better resolution. Having seen a Tir demo, the screen/image quality is just amazing. Better battery life and video out stream are all the i40 has going for it over the TiR. Honestly, though, spending more money to downgrade on resolution just doesn’t make much sense to me.


This may be a stupid question, but is there enough IR work out there to justify a 3k-5k camera?

If www.InspectorOutlet.com doesn’t have the best deal, I’ll eat my FLUKE.

It’s not even close.

Break out your bib, Nick. :twisted:

Anyone know what they’ll be replacing the BCAM with and what we can expect out of it???


I am just guessing here Ken, but I would think with their vast line of cameras the replacement would just be one of their current offerings. I40 is the closest in performance stats and the i7 is closest in price (lower actually).

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As the technology advances, you would anticipate a new model with a wider field of view and better resolution than the I7 along with the I7’s temp range for maybe $4500???

This would put them firmly in front, statistically speaking, of Fluke and the TiR…

Dare I dream?

It is like computers if you are waiting for the next best thing you will never buy one.

You also need to watch MRad specs, Resnet standards call for it. Wider field of view generally raises MRad outside of the Resnet standards.


Yeah, I never could find mrad specs posted for the bcam line. I just went with what I found for the I7 (same fov and resolution). Fluke TiR=2.5 milliradian, FLIR I7= 3.71 (since FOV and detector resolution are the same for the BCAM, I assume the spatial resolution is the same or very close. FLIR doesn’t list it in the specs for BCAM). FLIR has only slightly larger FOV than TiR in this case. I was originally looking at the I7, but lack of focus ability was a dealbreaker. I don’t like that they discontinued the BCAM, I think it will exclude a lot of folks whose needs fall between the i7 and the i/b 40. I don’t need fusion, I don’t need a visible light camera or LED’s, and I don’t need to pay 5k for a 120x120 imager. I found a great deal on an older FLIR, just waiting on my tax refund. If I hadn’t found that I would definitely be going with a Tir.

Sorry for rambling

Your going to love that B2…

P.S. Buy a small space heater with a fan on it. Make all the world in Thermal Imaging.



I can’t wait, I’ll email you tomorrow so we can get that setup. According to IRS, christmas comes tomorrow (hopefully tonight around midnight).