Thermal Imaging 875-1THERMAL IMAGER

The testo 875-1THERMAL IMAGER i am looking at has any one used one, or has any feed back on the quality of camaras they have.

Depends on what you want to do with it. It is a lower resolution and sensitivity camera but does meet BPI/RESNET requirements

I have the FLIR i7 works pretty good considering the low cost(under 2k).
I have used it for missing insulation in walls, moisture, air leakage and a/c duct leakage

Rene, the issue with the I7 is that it doesn’t have a focus ring or range/span control. These are fundamental features that are needed for proper IR scans. There is a way to set the range on the I7 via a hold feature, but what a pain.

If you want to go the FLIR route then the FLIR E30BX is going to be the best building diagnostics camera for the budget you are looking at.

If you want to go the Testo route then the Testo 875-1 is a very good bang for the buck and you can always add on Super Resolution to get 320x240 images.

There is also the new Testo 875i that just came out. 50mk camera (most important statistic for building diagnostics) for under $2900.

Jason Kaylor
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