Thermal imaging agreement

Does anyone have a agreement that they use for thermal imaging only and would like to share it.

I could also use one Peter!

We built a couple but the problem was that it is unclear to me, what exactly you are doing with the camera. In other words, if you explain the service you are offering (is it a stand alone service, is it an add on to your home inspection, is it part of your home inspection), we can create an agreement between you and your client that reflects the service.

Nick for me it’s all of the above!

I incluce thermal imaging with ALL my inspections and so it comes under my
normal agreement. Plus I add this at the top of every report…

Nick, what I was looking for is an agreement for just thermal imaging, some of my marketing will include commercial IR inspection which will be solely a thermal inspection of a building, here are some example’s.

Insulation contractors, including spray foam

Commercial roofing contractors

ServPro and other restoration companies

Condo. associations

Property management companies

The list is quite long when you think of all the possibilities.

I had a call today by a plumbing contractor who supplied the heating system for a 4000 sqr. foot home and the owner is using app. 200 gallons of oil every 10 days. He called me to ask about a stand alone thermal inspection for heat loss. I’m waiting for the home owner to contact me.

I also have a call into my lawyer and plan to meet with him to draft something for me.

I’ll keep you posted.

Providing ITI services as part of a normal home inspection without having a seperate contract in place is a business decision that I do not agree with at all.

I do have agreements for all of my services:

  1. Limited General ITI Scan
  2. ITI Electrical Survey
  3. ITI Moisture Survey
  4. ITI Energy Survey
  5. ITI Investigative Inspection

If you would like copies, email me at


I have had the following conversation many times:

**Customer: ** Can you do an inspection for me without Thermal Imaging?

Me: Is it OK with you if I do not report any hidden moisture problems,
electrical hot spots, missing insulation, leaks in duct work, etc… ?

**Customer: ** Certainly NOT.!!! I want to know about all of those defects.

**Me: ** Thermal Imaging is what enables me to find many of those items, so
do you understand why I do not exclude this from any of my home

Customer: OK… I can understand it perfectly now. I see it is worth it.

I made an appointment with my lawyer for Wednesday to start working on a contract.

He was asking me a few question and while we were talking he pulled up Flirs site and after speaking with him for 15 minutes he told me he would never buy another house without a thermal scan nor would he advise someone to buy a house without it.

Hum!!! maybe I’ll get some business from him, he sure gets enough from me!!!

That’s been my experience too. Once someone has an infrared camera inspection, they will insist on IR on every future inspection.

Kevin, Thank you very much for your help. This is why I love NACHI!!