Thermal Imaging Ipad App

Has anyone played around with this app. Apparently it turns the Ipad camera into a thermal imaging camera.

You’re kidding right?

Pretty awesome… been doing inspections with it for almost a year now. Getting ready to release a 16 minute certification course soon. My students get the cheapest of cheap in the whole wide world but I can’t post prices here.

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The Kindle Fire version comes out next week and will be much cheaper. We are going to offer them free with our new condensed, super intensive, 10 minute certification course. I just wrote the curriculum over lunch, so it is guaranteed to be the most up-to-date training available. Upon completion of the course students will be be able to download an official certificate (just type in your name) and may display our new rainbow colored Certified Infrared Inspector logo. They will also be able to get a free listing on our website

It appears there is a new application that turns the iPhone into an IR camera after all.

You have to be Level III to operate it.

**iPhone Screenshots

You can also see through clothing with x-ray vision…


If you upgrade to an android, you can leave the inspection industry behind and become a mobile xray technician . I’m working on a 1 day course that will let you diagnose and cure pain in the ***** injuries.

I signed up Bill, hope its a great course…:stuck_out_tongue:

Oops…after reading your resume, I canceled Bill’s course…sorry Bill—:cool:

Dang it! Already in the hole with refunds.

Frickin’ price shoppers anyhow…

Been using this app for the last month and going full blitz on my website since there is no licensing standard, I am good to go.

Glad to join the ranks gentlemen as now I can post how superior I am with IR.

I can’t wait. Been hearing how superior you are without IR!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

I think you are confused. You can send your images from the camera to your ipad automatically to view, modify, etc, and then prepare the report.
the flir t620/t640 will do this and is my next investment.

Nope, there’s an app that turns your Ipad camera into a thermal imaging camera. Someone should try it out and give some feedback to the naysayers.

No it doesn’t. Do some research.

The lens and image detector of the Ipad is not capable of rendering an I. R. image.

So what does that app in post #5 do? If I had an Ipad I would try it myself.

did you watch the video?

It requires you to shine an infrared light source on the subject you want to photograph and filter the ipad screen with a sheet of plastic that only passes IR.

Nice photo effect but useless for HI.

That’s strange. I have a couple of friends (non-HIs) who tried it and were impressed. They didn’t mention any additional light source.
If someone on the forum who has an Ipad would like to try it and provide feedback, I’ll reimburse them the $1 :wink:

I tried it and it works great. I am going to throw my $15,000 IR camera in the trash. Why didn’t someone come up with this great invention before I wasted all my money on useless equipment.

Oh times they are a changing :slight_smile:

Do you believe you can really get something for nothing? :roll:

Let me guess, you voted for Obama.