Favorite thermal Imaging Camera

Im starting to look for a thermal imaging camera that is compatible with apple products. Any suggestions?

Do you have a budget?

Do you have training?

Daniel, there are many avenues to go down in using a thermal imager.

What would you use it for?

The reason I ask this is because I bought a ~$2,000.00 imager and then took 2 classes; Building sciences for thermal imaging and Level I class. As soon as I took the first class I traded in my cheap imager for a ~$17,000.00 imager, mind you that was about 15 years ago.

Get GOOD education then choose your imager…:smile:

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I do not have the thermal training through InterNACHI although I plan on taking the class as soon as I get a chance. Yes im fairly new at inspecting and id like to get a good product that will get me through until I can spend the money id like. As far as knowing how to use them Im a full-time FF/ Paramedic so I know my way around reading and using a TIC. Thanks!

Be careful with that FF/Paramedic TIC training! Thermal Cameras used in FF are designed differently than for a home inspectors use!! You could find yourself in a world of sh*t if you don’t understand the differences between the cameras and their abilities.
There’s an old saying that goes something like… “I would rather train someone with NO experience, than to UN-train and RE-train someone with the wrong experience”!!

ITC and Infraspection and Munroe are some companies that offer GOOD training.
Talk to David Andersen or Charley Bottger on this forum about which training is worth while.

Once you decide on an imager you can also pick up one on Ebay or Craigslist or even this forum for WAY cheaper than what they cost because the owners didn’t train first to know what to buy…up to you. :smile:

Good luck.

P.S. You can Google David (Tennessee) and Charley’s (Oklahoma) name, with inspector behind it, and find their number. Tell the I said to call.

I am by no means an expert with a tic simply saying I have more knowledge about them than probably the ordinary guy.

I will give them a call thanks!

Flir E8.

I think understanding the structure and the HVAC systems is more important than how to run the imager.

You are correct, you must know what your pointing the camera at, but you have to know thermography to properly operate the camera, or you’ll be just plain wrong…

Thanks, David… :smile:

There are several tempting “entry level” devices out there, but I would not recommend depending on anything less than a Flir E4 for professional use. Even then, I would say that the E8 would be a better choice. I took Charley Botger’s advice on this and am glad I did. The less expensive options come with drawbacks that will bog you down.

I have the Flir C2, and know it’s limitations, and positive attributes. If you are using as confirmation or backup to things you find during an inspection it works well. When I was looking to buy I ran into the same resistance on the forum. I called Axium Academy and asked them. The said they use only the C2, so I figured it would do the job I needed it for. As for Apple, I looked before I bought and apparently was looking at an old web page. After I bought I found there is not a solution to use Apple products with Flir. They have discontinued the software. So I bought a cheap refurbished Windows laptop to use with the software. I think you can photograph the camera and get an image that is adequate for most reports. If you are specializing in thermal imaging inspections, a more expensive camera is probably better.

Our opinions are not “Resistance”. We have nothing to gain by you buying the right camera for the job.

I don’t see anywhere where these people are certified to train Thermography.

I was training for ITC/Flir when the C2 came out and there was not a single Flir trainer that would endorse the use of this device for any professional commercial application. In fact, my clinic was interrupted by the Canadian Director of Training (ITC) as I was answering someone that got a Free C2 and wanted to use on his personal equine application, who told the whole class that the C2 if for personal use and training and should never be used professionally. Now this guy had a vested financial interest in the sale of Flir equipment if anybody did.

If you use the C2 as anything more than a glorified flashlight in a business practice, you’d be wrong.

I can’t say that you do or not, but passing on an opinion of Axium which is not even supported by the manufacturer of the device to inspectors here looking for a new inspection gadget is not prudent. Why did you call Axium when you could have called ITC?

No “probably” to it.
Inspectors who use an IR Thermometer on HVAC air discharge and quote air temperature differentials are wronger than wrong. Now they can add some neat color pic’s that are just as wrong, and in living color!

There is a whole lot of Flir programs that are no longer supported. They have evolved away from old applications as well some of the old cameras. Just as your Apple has evolved away from running these applications. Flir is not going to keep up old software to keep up with Apple software changes (which is constant). So beware of what your buying.

I am running old unsupported software. Flir actually sent me old versions that were automatically updated on my computer (and no longer available for download), deleting options I use daily that are no longer available in the update. You just have to ask the right people sometimes…