Flir Tools

Anybody use flir tools and if so how is/was your experience?

I use it. It works great.

I use Flir Tools+ for my electrical inspections. It creates really nice easy to read reports that are easily customizable. I used a Word add on and was able to make a template in about 30 minutes.

Thanks I am going to watch the ITC flir tools video later today!!

David, I recommend you learn the ins and outs of Quick Report and stick with it for a while. Flir Tools will just give you a brain cramp at this point.

I use Quick Report 100% of the time (initial tune is easy and quick). All images require a “once over”.

It produces a JPG which for the most part goes into my Home Inspection software.
I only use Tools for large volume TI only reporting.

It is easier for you to make a Home Gauge template for IR. You already have that on line. Tools puts in a lot of information automatically. But if you do not insert all of the “qualitative” data, your reports are not accurately tuned (nor should they be).

When you get to the point that you need multi-palettes simultaneously etc… Tools will out perform any other. But no one will tell you how to do that (unless you happen to see my clinic from Flir).

Give it time. It’s not something you need right now. Spend your money wisely. That is 33% of your next TI Course.

I am not familiar with quick report, is this in Home Gauge?

Did you not get quick report with a flir camera.

It is no longer supported. If you need it, let me know. There is a download for it and I have a couple dozen versions for it.

David A. …

I’ve had 2 Flirs (i5 and E8). Never seen this Quick Report ???

I have had quick report for 8 years. I also use Tools+ when doing commercial electrical

Guess I will have to upload it somewhere.

I know it is no longer supported, but I wasn’t paying attention just when that happened.

You can still download it here I think.