thermal imaging

I am thinking about buying a Flir i7. How has thermal imaging helped your bisiness? Is the investment worth it?

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Before you buy - Look at renting. Allied and a few other places can (and do) ship over night and you are out 200$ ±. Pass that on to the customer or reduce your profits some - but no need to spend the big dollars up front. Plus the ones you get under rental are the 6K to 8,000 dollar ones. Really nice and take great photos. I assume you are not doing 4 a week. If you are at 4 to 5 a week then spend the money. Just my thoughts. Have a good one all. :slight_smile:

Before you buy - try this:

It is more important to know what your pointing the camera at, than know about the camera your pointing…

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Want’s you to rent…

1/ do you know anything about home inspection?
2/ do you know anything bout thermal imaging?

No need to rent something you don’t know anything about.

No, Thermal Imaging is NOT pushing buttons on a fancy camera…

Got $2800 to get started?
You can start with John’s $499.99 course and get started.
No need renting the camera you know nothing about, or using it on an application like building inspection that you know nothing about.

Then you may want to rent or chuck out another $4k for hardware and software.

The best advise I can give you, is that if you own it, they will NOT come…

There is much more to it than that.

HI’s buy this stuff and give it away for free.
If you take this approach, get brushed up on ebay because that is where that camera will be in short order.

I recommend that you attend Flir/ITC training so THEY can tell you that an I7 is NOT what you should be using that camera for…

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Good Information. I should have added certification is a must. It really is amazing what you can learn when you realize what you don’t know. InterNACHI has good classes; but I liked some from outside too.

I am still a big fan of renting before making the large investment. I have found three that I really like. First is the FlirT400 Infrared Camera - but honestly is is well beyond what I will ever need. But it is Amazing.

The other two that I find to be very user friendly, good read outs, broad spectrum, and offers a good photos that you can print out into your report are the Flir 150 and 160.

It can be easy to misunderstand a read outs or worse Explain them wrong to a client until you have seen many. So go take a class or two or three and Good luck in your search. Let me know which one you buy.

Snell offers free webinars on infrared cameras. This will help you decide which way to go. It’s free.

Eric, we have a dedicated forum for IR here: