Thermal imaging inspection

I’m looking to add thermal imaging to my hi business should I charge extra for this service ?

Yes! However, do you know how to use it?

Not yet but I will be taking a course to get certified. What’s a reasonable fee for this service ?

It depends on what you are doing with you imager.

How much do you feel it will be worth after spending $2,000+ for a camera and training MINIMUM?

Flir has a bunch of great courses…And many are no cost.
However, do the NACHI courses first…


As much as I could get away with…!:grinning:

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I am currently doing the nachi course I was just curious if anyone was currently making money with it yet lol

Roy Lewis, “However, do the NACHI courses first”, should be a large tatoo for every inspector that will be using an IR camera. I would compare it to first grade, fantastic first basic class. The NACHI course REALLY prepares a “I do not know how to turn an IR camera on inspector” to an inspector that can begin becoming a LEVEL ONE. Life will be easier if ya’ll follow Roy’s advice.

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Start by not using “Certified”. There are no “Certified Thermographers” unless your a Lvl III that went even further to become “Certified”. I only know a couple Lvl III’s that are “Certified”.

Ok good to know