Thermo Imaging that hooks to phone

This is my first time of writing. The question I have is I am getting involved with thermo imaging. What is the best camera for this starting out? And has anyone used the device that hooks up to a phone? Is it a reliable source to use.

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Hard question to answer. Good resolution. Affordability.
Never use mobile phone usb camera.

Thank you for your reply hopefully we will get an answer. Do you thermo imaging and what kind of camera do you use.

Flir E4 or the E8. I have the E8.

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Fluke Ti300 60 hz.
320 x 240 Sensor.

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There is a reason it only cost a couple of hundred bucks.
DO NOT make decisions on professional tools with your wallet. You will always make the wrong decision!


I have a tiny little Seek brand USB type C camera. It’s handy to carry, handy to have, but lacking a black and white camera, produces images best used live, and not very good for reports or presentations. Search the archives here for a review.

I had one from Flir. It was ok at first. Then less than 2 months into use it started losing charge very fast. You could charge it up the night before and it would be dead at the inspection in the morning. Finally it quit charging altogether and was dead in the water. I sent it back to Flir and got a free replacement unit which I sold on eBay and bought an upgraded (hacked) E4.

So my experience was not positive except that Flir was good about the warranty coverage.


Thank you for your input, I didn’t want to pay out a lot of money for something that did not work.

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If you are serious, about Thermal Imaging or will get more serious, get at least a 320 x 240 pixel imager.

The prices are way down from when I bought mine at $17,000 but it made me a lot of money after I got educated.

In fact, take an in person class and you will know what you want to buy. Often they have imagers to try out.

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Thank you for your advice, I am looking into this. I am doing the online classes with Internachi right now.

The search function of the forum is highly recommended.

Blackview phones come with built in flir thermal imaging. Just FYI it’s difficult to find a carrier in the US

Just a word of advice, however - It is not “thermo”, if you use that in your report, or in your advertising, you will look unqualified.


How would you write in report.

Well, I would either say “thermal imaging”, or “thermography”… But most people have no clue what thermography means.


By the way, this is the one I use. Hti-Xintai 384 X 288 High Resolution Thermal Camera Imager with 3.5” TFT Display Screen, Infrared Imaging Camera with WiFi, Built-in 8GB Digital Storage and Adjustable Focus Thermal Camera with 25HZ : Industrial & Scientific

It rivals the Flir models that cost about 3 times as much, (same resolution) but is cheaper because it is not a name brand, and because it does not do the clear overlay of the actual picture, so the background is not as clear as the flir. But I care more about the colors in the frame than the actual clarity of the background.
But the sensors and very sensitive, and the frame frequency on this one is 25Hz, while the E8 is only 9Hz… Meaning it refreshes much faster as you move it around the room, and the colors have to refresh.
I have been very pleased with it for the price. The E8 is about $3k, this one is $1k, and they have others for about $500.
I also bought a Flir C5, which is smaller, like a digital camera, for almost the same price as this, and I sent it back, because it wasnt as sensitive.
I would drop a single drop of water on the carpet, and the C5 didnt see it, because the whole floor was blue, whereas my camera picked up that single drop immediately, plain as day.
Here are some examples: The first one was a small leak at the shut off valve behind the toilet.