Yes or No

Could I get some opinions on this, is a thermal imaging camera good for a beginner HI? I had a inspector tell me to stay away from it right now because it opens up another level of inspecting I am not ready for. So will it hurt me or help me? He had told me to stay with a very simple and basic inspection for now.

I agree. Stay away for few reasons. Spend your money on marketing yourself. Most important and most overlooked aspect of being successful. Dont buy a thermal camera till you take classes and learn about all the different features and importance of them and what you may use it for. Concentrate on your detailed reports and getting your name out there. It will be a very expensive paper weight if you dont get work because you were too busy spending money on that camera and not in marketing yourself. Buy a moisture meter, flashlite, reg camera, and a good report program. Thats all you need to get started.

I agree with Christopher.

I also agree, I have been an inspector over 5 years now and have just now decided to start adding themography to my services. Taking my first course now.

You not only have to learn how to use it but also how to integrate it into your business plan.

Christopher has it right, marketing is number one right now followed very closely by developing your business plan.

Good post Christopher. I agree. The more experience you get and education, the better thermographer you will be when it is the right time.

ok it looks like I know which way I am going with this, unanimous decision I will wait, thanks a lot guys.

9 years and not even thinking about it much yet.
Too busy as is.

It is great to learn so do not get me wrong however agree with above.

Mr. Elliott would you charge extra or would it be included in your original fee?

I’m not Mr. Elliott :wink:

But let me throw a response in.
If you take the time and money to invest in training and the purchase of an IR camera why not charge for it?

It brings added responsibility and yes liability if used improperly.
So yes, it should be an add on service and charged for accordingly.

I would say don’t get it right away. Do some inspections first. Start taking the classes when you have time and then get a camera. Thermography is a great tool that I think every inspector should use. It lets you show things visually to customers and find additional defects that may not be found otherwise. It’s a big investment and not the best use of money in the beginning.

Agree with above.
Get training first and charge more.

Not to get on a rant but a camera is what you get at Best Buy.

When people ask… “can I get the inspection done without IR so I can save some money?” …

I always say… “if there is moisture in your walls that can cause mold, do you want me to include that in the report?” … and … they always say “YES, that is very important information!”

Then I say… “why do you want me to leave my IR camera at home when it is one of the very tools that helps me find moisture all the time?” … "you may not realize it, but your trying to save a penny at the risk of losing a dollar."

Then they want to pay for the IR value they can understand now.

Education is the key to helping your client see VALUE and paying for IR. I suspect those who do it for free are skating through the process as fast as they can and don’t have proper training and/or camera to do a decent job. Such is the world of freebies. Most quality minded people are suspecious of the lowballers. Those who want quality know it cost more and respect that.

thanks a lot guys very helpful