Thermopane Window Foam Spacer

I know this has been discussed before, but I had trouble locating the thread. What’s the word on the foam or rubber spacer strip moving inside the thermopane window? Am I correct to say that this is actually not the spacer strip, but a foam top above a metal spacer which aids in a reduction in heat transfer and condensation? There are no indications of a broken seal or of any problems with the metal spacer seal? Is this a deficiency? I’m making assumptions here. I haven’t been able to find much information on what this rubber or foam piece is.

Swiggle seal, or Swiggle gasket, failure.


Thank you Mr. Currins. You directed me to the right place.

Is this how the manufacturer intended this window to perform?

Windows are always difficult.
Do they “perform as intended”?
What do windows do?
#1 Keep the weather out of the house.
#2 Allow opening to provide ventilation (some window designs).
#3 Allow visual viewing to the exterior and provide natural lighting.

That window does all of the above (at the time of inspection). As for R-Value (which is actually U-Value), there is no test you can perform as a HI to determine reduced capacity.

As for a compromised seal, you can test air leakage with a piece of ice placed on the glass for a minute. If condensation forms on the glass and will not wipe off, the seal is compromised.

Just report what you see. You don’t have to explain why (that is in the HI SOP as well).
(a) Home inspectors are not required to report on:

  1. Life expectancy of any component or system;
  2. The cause(s) of the need for a repair;
  3. The methods, materials, and costs of corrections;